img_4042OhGenki has done it right once more, with their 2006 annual party. Last year it was at the Ministry of Sound; this year it was the newly opened St James Power Station.

As the party barely started, sleek rides pulled in at the PowerHouse entrance, drawing envious stares as engines and exhausts rumbled down the drive-way. Ranging from sporty Porsches and sleek Ferraris, to Maseratis, the parade of cars lent some star power to the beginning of the event.

Psychedelic posters coloured with splashes of citrus were but hints to the party’s theme. The night’s theme, “What’s Your Colour?” kicked off into full swing when the emcees opened the floor to pick-ups and mingling opportunities. Red, orange, green and white concoctions of vodka acted as colour codes, indicating guests’ status for the night. Green indicating “single”, orange was for the “attached but available”, red for the fun-loving “attached and unavailable” and white for “unique, daring and sexy” – the night was definitely young and filled with fun opportunities of sensuality and seduction.


The annual get-together of “Genkians” was a success judging from the turn-out of an estimated 800 people. The colour codes of drinks were received upon with utmost glee and mischief, with a spotted few holding two coloured drinks and one bravely proclaiming, “I want to be both naughty and nice!”

Rhythmic beats of house music by in-house DJs reverberated through the darkened room ,warming the crowd up. Clad in togs ranging from casual wear to high-end fashionable apparel, the party-goers were dressed to the nines. St James Power House became a runway in itself, delivering a feast of boots, blazers, local designed street wear and sashaying skirts.

The night’s program started proper at 10.30pm, showcasing a fashion show by Niche featuring live mannequins modeling local designers’ artworks. Camera flashes and occasional hoots of approval from the audience complemented the emergence of Neo-Chinese style apparent in the design concepts showcased.


Bonus gifts laid in store for the guests – limited editions of Vladivar t-shirts and pens, a St James complimentary pass and a Missha watermelon cooling mask. Seven lucky draw winners ecstatically walked away with either a St James membership card, a free vodka bottle for the night or Death Note 2 movie posters and pocket calendars. With such fabulous stashes, nobody returned home empty-handed that night.

The crowd partied on the spacious 10, 000 square feet dance floor or chilled the night away on sleek leather high-chairs. The party started to peak at about midnight as an entire queue’s worth of party-goers snaked their way into PowerHouse. Grooving to the strong bass beats of party music, everyone was just starting to get downright comfortable amongst one another’s sleek dance moves.img_4166



With jugs of vodka passing from bar counters to tables to the dance-floor, PowerHouse was livin’ da vida loca that Saturday night. The party went on as tireless feet and booties alike boogied endlessly to the rhythmic beats that filled St James Power Station. Saturday night fever only adjourned at the wee hours of the morning.


Venue: St James Power Station (PowerHouse outlet)
Date: 30 December 2006
Time: 8.30 pm