A recent trip to the sunny island of Phuket saw the usually composed media personality shedding tears.

Kosmic Film Entertainment artiste Jaymee Ong, a familiar face in the local hosting scene, was there to support the HIV/AIDS cause as a goodwill ambassador. The cause maintained by World Vision, a Christian relief organisation which seeks to provide solutions for the issue of HIV/AIDS and poverty, among others.

Of the trip, she tells UrbanWire, “It’s been a wonderful experience visiting Thailand. The fact that I can help out with World Vision, and apply my time in the best way possible is very humbling. This is probably one of the best aspects of my job.”

The host of The Contender Asia, a reality TV programme featuring 16 contestants in a Muay Thai competition, is continually trying to educate herself in the issues affecting the world, hoping that through her experiences, she will be able to “raise more awareness to the public”.

She adds, “We tend to take for granted the privileges we have in life, and it’s easy to get caught up in our own world.  Sometimes we need to be exposed to some of the harsher truths out there, to be reminded that there are people out there who need help from people like us.”

Jaymee, who is of Chinese Australian descent, has participated in countless events organised by World Vision, one of them being the One Life Experience (OLE)which is at the Singapore Management University’s (SMU) Campus Green.

Speaking on the campaign, she says, “I was just glad that I could be part of the process of re-iterating the AIDS crisis.  It’s easy to lose sight of problems that don’t always directly affect our lives, yet it’s so critical that we all try and do something to help.”

Along with fellow World Vision Goodwill Ambassadors Jack and Rai of renowned local band EIC, MTV VJ twins May and Choy who acted in local hit movie 881, former Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Eunice Olsen and Mandarin pop singer Victor Wong, the prominent model in Asia went through the “very emotional” OLE exhibition on top of other activities including the OLE fun run in December.

The actress, who has starred along A-listers Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu, comments, “The exhibits are fantastically well done and I hope lots of people made it down.  It’s a very intimate journey, and following the life of a HIV positive person really makes an impact.”

“You wear headphones and step by step you are taken through the exhibit.  You learn about their history, how they came in contact with the disease, if they ended up contracting it, and what they are doing now. It absolutely brought me closer to the plight of these sufferers,” she explains.

The campaign, which ends its run on February 3, was especially brought in by World Vision Singapore to shed light on the HIV/AIDS situation and educate the public on the ways they can contribute to the cause.

She adds, “World Vision is a fantastic organisation that makes it possible for everyone to get involved.  You don’t need a lot of money or time, but you can play a part.  Whether it’s a lot or a little, every bit makes a difference.”