After his appearance at this year’s Mosaic Music Festival and other varied and prestigious events such as ChildAid, Silver Screen Awards and Chingay 2006, Nathan Hartono has won even more fans since he was crowned Teenage Icon 2005 in Teenage Magazine’s singing competition. But that’s not all. The 15-year-old is now taking a bold step forward in his singing career. He’ll be staging his first solo concert, Feeling Good with Nathan Hartono, at the Esplanade come Jun 29.

Expect an intimate evening with this budding jazz-pop crooner and his best pieces as he takes you through songs from his 11-track debut album, Life, Love And All That Jazz,delivered alongside his unique and colorful on-stage persona. And of course, you won’t want to miss his signature numbers such as “Let Me Sing”.

Nathan, who swears by legendary old blue eyes Frank Sinatra, has certainly shown more than a flair for singing jazz songs with his charming inflections and prematurely mature voice.

Be entertained by the youngster’s flawless vocals, accompanied by the tonnes of charisma that he manages to dole out. Likened to Michael Bubl? by Millennium & Copthorne Press, the confident and enchanting Nathan will make this 60-min concert at the Recital Studio a delightful and enticing time.

Given that jazz is a genre of music that heavily relies on the artiste’s interpretation and improvisation, do pay close attention to every intonation and cadence he makes.

Nathan looks set to be the next big thing in the music scene because he’s taking such a different approach compared to his peers who are more likely to be into rock music. His music diet and forte of pop, soul, and jazz, certainly set him apart.

And with the show at 9.30pm sold out, all that’s left are tickets to his first performance for the night at 7.30pm. So book your tickets now for a mesmerising evening with Nathan Hartono! Hurry, tickets are definitely selling fast!

Feeling Good With Nathan Hartono is a Late Nite @ Esplanade programme presented by Esplanade.


Date: Jun 29, 2007

Venue: Esplanade Recital Studio

Ticket Price:$25

Duration: 60 min (no intermission)

Tickets available from Esplanade Box Office and SISTIC authorised agents.
SISTIC Hotline:63485555
*Early Bird Tickets sold out