Do you dismiss trapeze dresses because you think they might make your derrière look big? Stephanie Gwee solves this and other problems facing fashionistas with the help of image consultant Audrey Quek and freelance stylist Charlene Sim.

White on White is Boring

“It is definitely not true that you can’t wear white pants with a white top. It just takes someone who’s very careful not to stain it!” says Audrey.

“The look is so fresh and romantic, especially for girls when they match a flowing white skirt with a white top, and accessorise with chunky bracelets and chokers. This look makes you look fresh-faced and sweet,” says Charlene.

Trapeze Dresses Makes You Have A Big Butt

Marc Jacobs has it. Topshop has copied it. Zara has plastered it all over their shop-front. The trapeze dress is an item to covet for many fashion-forward women, and contrary to popular belief, the flared skirt doesn’t necessarily add bulk to bottom-heavy women.

“The right way to wear a trapeze dress is to have its hemline extended at least two inches above your knees, so that it will not make your butt look enormous,” says Charlene.

Black Matches Everything

“Black is terrible, positively terrible, with colours like brown and navy blue. Not only does it make the entire outfit look dull, the colour combination is not easy on the eyes. It is much better if you stick to a completely black ensemble, or use bright colours to add variety to the colour,” says Charlene.

“For example, for girls, you can use a red or white belt to cinch a black dress at the waist, to break the monotony of the outfit. Guys can also throw on a different coloured jacket or wear a bright coloured T-shirt under a black button-down shirt,” she adds.

Only Tall Women Can Go Shortie

Runway pieces hit a new high this season with high-waisted shorts. When worn correctly, these shorts can help to elongate your legs and create a slim silhouette, especially when paired with a pair of killer heels.

“You can either pair your shorts with a high-heeled top, or make sure that the top has vertical stripes on it, to elongate the body and ensure that your body does not look disproportionate,” says Charlene.

Smart Casual is Boring

“First, it was Avril Lavigne, then it was Green Day and all the thousands of other rock bands. They made it cool to jazz up a serious outfit with casual sneakers and limited edition Vans and Nike shoes,” says Charlene.

For guys, Charlene suggests pairing a formal, fitted black vest with an edgy-looking T-shirt to lend street chic appeal to a smart casual ensemble.