Goody Goody is just a message that comes in the form of an album, which heralds the arrival of Cherry Boom, the Taiwanese girl band that has caught the Mandopop industry by storm last year and is still going strong.

The band – which consists of 4 talented girls namely, Zha Zha the lead singer, Gua the guitarist, Xiao Qiao the bassist and Da Tian on the drums – came together in 2003. Universal Music then signed them on in 2006 and subsequently; the girls released their debut album, Dear Prince, that very year.

If you haven’t heard of this group of singing sensations, you might have very well been living under a rock for the past few months. With an admirable range of hits like the slow and sappy “Ni Ai Wo Ma (Do you still love me?)” to rock songs like “Ting Yuan (Garden)” playing at fashion boutiques all over town, it says a lot about the versatility of the quartet’s range of music.

05-06a_2So what is their niche? The inevitable question of where are they heading to in today’s competitive world of Mandopop industry rears its ugly and practical head. After all, this is the release of their second album, one album too late to be still trying to find themselves.

This is actually where the fine example of Singapore’s racial harmony comes into play. Just like how our motley mix of races integrated effortlessly into society, the songs in Goody Goody flow together seamlessly, allowing listeners a cornucopia of aural experience. Simultaneously, the girls feel that they each have been duly represented in this album through – “Se Cai (Colours)” – another track found in Goody Goody

Don’t let their album name Goody Goody fool you on their appearance though. These 4 girls look nothing like the girls next door wearing goody two shoes as the mental image of their album name might suggest.

05-06b_54Fully armoured in black eyeliner looking like the fairer counterparts of emo bands, My Chemical Romance, classic damsels-in-distress Cherry Boom is not. Classic knight in shining armour wannabes might want to take a step back because Cherry Boom looks and acts nothing like Rainie Yang and Cyndi Wang, the stereotyped cutie-pies of Taiwan and the reason for every hot-blooded male’s existence.

All said and done and with the hype about the girls through the success of their second album Goody Goody, get set for the next piece of great news! Cherry Boom will be gracing our sunny island for the first time for a couple of days to meet their fans.

Simply make your way down on the 14th and 15th of this month to catch them at the Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theatre of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Bugis Square respectively.

The events’ details are as follows:

Cherry Boom “Goody Goody” Campus Showcase

Date: Sept 14 (Friday)

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: NTU Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theatre

Cherry Boom “Goody Goody” Showcase cum Autograph Session

Date: Sept 15 (Saturday)

Time: 7 pm

Location: Bugis Square (Bugis Junction Level 1)