The tune of a bow against the violin’s strings is accompanied by the lull of the saxophone. Both peaks at a crescendo.

Well, that’s not exactly what you’ll be getting with Plainsunset. In fact, you’ll be getting something right on the other end of the spectrum.

So get ready and be prepared to brace yourself for an overdrive of guitar strumming and drum slamming time.

New “Old” Kids

No strangers to the local indie pop-punk music scene, Plainsunset’s new self-titled album is set to be their fourth album, but their first ever widely released one.

After 12 years of rocking it out, Plainsunset will be the first to tell you that the road travelled is never smooth. With a break-up in 2004, this latest album, together with a new mellower sound, is the first for the band since regrouping. It also distinctively tracks how the band has evolved from simply being “just another punk band” to being nominees for “Best Singaporean Band” and “Best Local Song” at Power98 ‘s Singapore Music Awards.

The Groove

UrbanWire digged the arrangement of tracks in the album. Placing catchy hit single “Johari Window” as the opening track, set the mood for other tracks like “De Oppresso Liber” and “Song of Achilles” to follow suit.

And just as you felt that you’ve heard too much of the guitar and drumbeats, numbers like “Children” and “River Song” brought it down a notch before slowly picking up the pace yet again in the following tracks. UrbanWire found out that the more we played the tracks, the more it started to grow on us.

This album as compared to their previous ones, has more of a mellower sound tune-wise. Will this new sound change what Plainsunset used to stand for?

UrbanWire reckons not. In fact, we believe that it just showcases the band’s drive to constantly re-invent itself. They would only contradict themselves as musicians if they, as a band that has met with many stumbles in their long history, don’t draw and grow from those experiences and translate them into their music.

The Verdict

Plainsunset is essentially still the same rocking band, with the same heartfelt lyrics, only this time with a more mature tune.

Simply, not for the pop-hearted, steer clear if you’re looking for a relaxing easy listen. However, if you’re a fan of The Fire Fight, Sonic Edge Band, Vertical Rush, or simply just an energy-filled, guitar loving, beat-jumping, anti-mainstream audiophile, well, you’re headed the right way.

UrbanWire gives Plainsunset 4 out of 5 stars.

Plainsunset is available now in record stores islandwide at $17.95