Angels, ghouls, Darth Vader and vampires dragging along their brides. We’ve seen them all at Halloween parties, and gotten so used to them we’d hardly jump if Frankenstein were to pop up in front of us with a club in hand. Now what would be really scary though, is if you turn up for a Halloween party not as Freddy from A Nightmare on Elm Street, but instead, looking like a million bucks.

The folks at French Connection, who know people who’d rather be dead than caught looking unfashionable, launched the Halloween Fashion Runway show at its Raffles City outlet on Oct 23, with black being the predominant colour, naturally. Comprising of pieces from the Autumn/Winter ’08 Collection, the runway show was a scream, bringing out models with gory, dark makeup and prosthetic vampire teeth.

Connecting with FCUK

Started in 1972 by Stephen Marks, FCUK set out to conquer the high-street fashion scene, while offering quality and affordable prices. With a slogan like “Fashion Is Our Business”, there is no doubt FCUK takes design and style very seriously, always trying to bring every collection up a notch.

FCUK down the Runway

Titled “Mixing It Up”, the Autumn/Winter Collection ’08 is true to its name, with a delicious throw-in of both casual and formal wear. This collection sees French Connection sticking to its collaboration with French art director, Fabien Baron, expanding on the themes that were established last season.

With mostly fitting tops, dresses and jeans, the Autumn/Winter Collection ’08 banked on trends prevalent in the world of fashion, that of bows, high-waisted skirts, and plaids.

Although black dominated, it wasn’t the only colour in all the pieces showcased. There were a large variety of hues, with each containing an underlying hint of black, creating a peek-a-boo effect.

The women’s line consisted of simple pieces jazzed up with details such as bows and pleats. UrbanWire particularly liked the way luxe fabrics such as satin and velvet were incorporated into the outfits, giving them an edgy look due to the metallic sheen. This season’s hottest trend of high-waisted everything manifested itself in the form of skirts and pants.

Show off your penchant for bows, a la English singer/songwriter Lily Allen, by throwing them into your outfits. This UrbanWire reporter spotted at least 4 bows appearing in this collection, on clutches, dresses, halter tops and even on high-waisted skirts.

The men’s line churned out a large variety of looks. Punk-rock, preppy chic, laidback cool and smart businessman. This collection had them all. To create the first look, French Connection threw heavy leather jackets over teeshirts screaming out FCUK messages. Preppy chic was interpreted in the form of pageboy caps, shirts and a tie layered under a cardigan, as well as long scarves, both of which are too warm for our weather.

The best way to create a laidback cool look is to don hats, all kinds of hats. If you know nothing about them, look to rocker Pete Doherty (yes, he used to be with with supermodel Kate Moss) for inspiration. He dons hats, all sorts of them, from top hats to straw ones, with pizazz.

Front-row Session with FCUK

The French Connection runway show also saw Fashion Director of CLEO, Sally Teo making an appearance. She had earlier been featured during the front-row session with La Senza where she dished out advice on lingerie selection to CLEO readers. This time round, she shared with 100 CLEO readers the importance of knowing one’s body proportions and the cutting of clothes. Sally then demonstrated using mannequins how different looks can be created with pieces from French Connection’s Autumn/Winter ’08 Collection.

FCUK Fashion

The French Connection’s Autumn/Winter ’08 Collection definitely has pieces worthy of your purchase. So whaddya know, if you’re totally stumped as to what to wear to that Halloween party, you won’t have to look much further for your outfit.

If you can’t join them, scare them. With style, of course.