Election fever that is, as Ronald Wan suffers from it for far too long and is glad it’s finally over

Finally after more than a year following the news and reading reports after reports, D-Day has arrived. In case you’re wondering that I’m referring to the US elections and contest between Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain, I’m not. I’m referring to the launch of Britney Spears’ latest album Circus.

Just kidding.

For the record, her album hasn’t been launched yet (date is set for Dec 2 so all Britney fans out there who should have really grown up by now, remember to buy the album!). But speaking of circus, yes, I was indeed referring to the US elections and what a circus it has been.

What circus? Moose hunter. Keith Olbermann. Chris Matthews. The oyster-coloured Valentino jacket. “Russia is right next to our state Alaska.” Joe the Plumber in a jumpsuit with a plunger. And that 1960s hair in a bun (Sarah Palin’s by the way). Need I say more? If the above crazy personalities and bad hairdo do not resemble a circus, I don’t know what else does. Maybe Michael Jackson’s mansion.

I have been following the election campaign since Senator Hillary Clinton announced her intentions to run for the White House on January 22 last year. Since then, Clinton lost the Democrat primaries to Obama, Christian Sariano won Project Runway and McCain’s hair grew whiter. Seriously.

Now, everyone seems to have an opinion on who should win the US elections – Obama they say. Well, except Cindy McCain, Meghan McCain and Governor-Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger. And here’s a tip to you my dear reader who is reading this and wanting to impress the dinner party on your knowledge about American politics. Come 2012, it will be a Hillary-Palin combo fighting against New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for the White House. I kid on the former.

Besides the US elections, what else is hot and considered zeitgeist news? I know some of you don’t really care about the elections because you only vote during Singapore Idol and if the local government promises you growth dividends come Election Day. And when your GRC doesn’t have a walkover.

In a not-so-hot news, deepest sympathies to Jennifer Hudson for the tragic loss of her mother, Darnell Donerson, brother Jason Hudson, and nephew, Julian King, in a fatal shooting. In a three-hour funeral, former American Idol contestants such as Fantasia Barrino performed as Hudson said her teary goodbyes.

In other unfortunate news, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa lost the championship to Mercedes-McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton by a point after a dramatic final lap at the Brazilian Grand Prix Interlagos. Liverpool FC tasted their first defeat of the season losing 2-1 to Tottenham Hotspurs. Dallas Cowboys continued their losing streak. And the latest Bond film Quantum of Solace sucked. Like chocolate martini.

But hey, cheer up because there are also better things in pop culture for the past 2 weeks (don’t forget this is a bi-weekly column). Forget the looming recession and catch the awesome Avenue Q puppet musical showing at the Esplanade. Yes, the puppets can tell a good joke – especially one about the Internet (apparently, the Internet is not just for reading The UrbanWire).

Listen to Oasis’ rocking hot new album Dig Out Your Soul. Start saving to buy a new Christmas tree. Download new applications for your iPhone. Watch Adriana Lima and Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty.

And don’t forget to vote if you’re American! Or Russian. Because apparently, Russians live very near to Alaska, US of A.

Ronald Wan is the columnist of the bi-weekly column The Zeitgeist and a freelance writer who can’t vote.

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