Text by Teo Hong Jun for Hype magazine

Snow Patrol is back with a much warmer album aptly named A Hundred Million Suns. Compared to their previous two albums, Final Straw and Eyes Open, where the music’s focus was on failing relationships, this album promises to pack in loads of love and hope.

There are a number of tracks that are worth more than just a second listen. The opening song, “If There’s A Rocket Tie Me to It”, is full of excitement and sets the mood for the rest of the album. Another song, “Set Down Your Glass”, features an acoustic tune that may not be as catchy as “Chasing Cars”, but is bound to be a hot favourite among female listeners.

Bottom Line

A Hundred Million Suns is a great aural treat despite its musical similarities to Coldplay and U2. But though happy and hopeful might be a good change, once is enough. In the case where you need more trippy, joyful tunes, there’s always Mika.

3.5/ 5 stars


01. If There’s A Rocket Tie Me To It (Sample)

02. Crack The Shutters

03. Take Back The City

04. Lifeboats

05. The Golden Floor

06. Please Just Take These Photos From My Hands

07. Set Down Your Glass (Sample)

08. The Planets Bend Between Us

09. Engines

10. Disaster Button

11. The Lightning Strike

What If This Storm Ends

Sunlight Through The Flags