Break Out!


Text by Nadia Shah

If you’re into popping, locking and the theatre, extreme dance comedy Break Out may be just the dance-play for you.

From the Koreans who brought you martial arts comedy Jump to Singapore last year, comes another delight just waiting to be savoured.

Break Out, directed by Jun-Beom Juen, tells the tale of 5 prisoners breaking out of prison to seek solace in a convent. The play, which incorporates breakdancing, gymnastics, yoga and slapstick humour, was a smash hit at its West End world premiere last year and was later a sold- out frenzy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007.

And with a motley crew of characters from prisoners, to nurses and nuns, it promises a fun time for the entire family.

Polytechnic student Jeevithan Muralitharan, 19, says, “I watched Jump last year and loved it, so I’m
definitely going to watch this. Plus, it incorporates breakdancing, which I think is interesting.”

Performance details

Dates: Feb 13 – Feb 15
Time: Sat & Sun Only – 3pm
Fri & Sat Only – 8pm
Venue: Esplanade Theatre

Prices: $38, $58, $68, $78

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