Two beers or not to beers. That is the question.

It’s coming back.

We’re not just talking about the Lunar festive holidays coming up (and the gatherings and parties you’re attending).

Rather, we’re talking about Get Your Sexy Back‘s fun and festive roving along Orchard Road this Jan 17.


This would be the first Get Your Sexy Back (GYSB) event for the year and you can also look forward to specially designed GYSB wallet cards, badges and stickers when you pledge your support to this cause.

Simply be there at Cathay Cineleisure from 2pm to 6pm to pledge your support for moderate and responsible drinking along with your friends.

Win Jay Chou CDs and NUMXGYSB Shirts

Here at the UrbanWire, we’ve tied up with the GYSB to give away a set of goodies each to 2 readers.

Simply email us at by completing this sentence, “I deserve to win the Jay Chou CD and NUMXGYSB t-shirt because I can get my sexy back…”.

We’re on the look out for the best 2 answers, so throw us your most creative lines.

Sign up to be a Volunteer Ambassador

It takes a true friend to tell another friend what’s good for him or her, and you know that binge drinking can be detrimental to health over time, so what about starting the change from yourself? What about signing up online if you can’t make it down to Orchard on Jan 17? (Editor’s note: I’ve done my part last November! How about getting YOUR own sexy back too?)

Visit the GYSB official site here to sign up. or visit their Facebook Group page here to join hundreds of other members.

Get Your Sexy Back (GYSB) is Singapore’s first youth-led moderate drinking programme driven by Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APBS) and it aims to encourage responsible drinking by telling young people that they can party and have a great time without getting completely wasted.