Text by Sujith Kumar for Hype magazine

is a curiosity. The US-based human foghorn has enjoyed success internationally but not in her own country. She has battled Crohn’s disease, depression, and, more recently, breast cancer, to become a star very much in tune with her emotions.

Recently married and newly signed to Mercury Records, Anastacia’s fourth outing, Heavy Rotation, is lighter than her previous releases. She said the album was called Heavy Rotation because “life can be heavy, but it all turns around and goes into something else.” The end product is an ambitious effort that aims to please too wide an audience and comes across as undisciplined and messy. “Never Gonna Love Again” and “Heavy Rotation” are stand-outs.

Bottom Line
With clichéd lyrics and sometimes overpowering vocals, the album needs some getting used to, but contains searing moments of brilliance that make it worth the listen.

2.5/ 5 stars


01. I Can Feel You

02. The Way I See It

03. Absolutely Positively

04. Defeated

05. In Summer

06. Heavy Rotation (Sample)

07. Same Song

08. I Call It Love

09. All Fall Down

10. Never Gonna Love Again (Sample)

11. You’ll Be Fine