Everyone’s making a favourite list and writing New Year resolutions so Ronald Wan joins the party crowd

We’re reaching the end of the year and everyone’s making his or her favourite list. Top 10 albums of 2008, Best 10 Restaurants to be Seen Dining At, Our Favourite 7 Dirty Websites Mama Shouldn’t Know and 101 Wrong Things Sarah Palin said in 2008 and maybe 2009.

The lists are endless and I say let’s join in the fun! I shall keep my list simple and write my top 10 pop culture favourites in 2008 and stick in a few New Year resolutions. Besides, I’m in the midst of the partying and year-end reverie to keep this column going beyond 500 words. Before I forget – have a great and awesome 2009 ahead!

1. The Resurrection of Lost. Many viewers shut down just like the hatch itself towards the end of season two but season four of Lost has just been a blast this year. Horrors, the island disappeared! Or did it disappear? Time travelling, double-crossing and flash-forwards into the future have given the show the necessary jolt to win back the fans.

2. Tina Fey. Smarts and beauty. Which guy wouldn’t be thankful for Tina Fey? As Liz Lemon in the Emmy-award winning show 30 Rock, Fey rocks. As Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, she rocks just as well. And her famous rant defending Hillary Clinton (“bitch is the new black”), priceless. Marry me, Tina Fey. I’ll serve you your favourite club sandwich everyday. In bed.

3. The Dark Knight. Finally, a superhero comic book movie that doesn’t suck! Culturally relevant and even esoteric to a point, The Dark Knight is the Godfather of all comic book movies. Let’s keep our fingers crossed the movie will secure some nominations come Oscar day. Besides, the Oscars need a crowd’s favourite to secure the ratings.

4. The “I’m f—ing Matt Damon!” Video. Sarah Silverman pretends to be sleeping with Matt Damon to take a pot shot at ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel. Of course, Kimmel retaliates with a video “I’m f—ing Ben Affleck!” Don’t you just love celebrities screwing each other over even it’s only for pretend? Catch the video if you haven’t.

5. Gossip Girl. Nobody’s high school (or secondary school or polytechnic) was like that but it was like totally awesome to see catfights, cougars and friend sleeping with friend of another friend. Trashy but we love it. And suddenly, everyone’s signing off with XOXOs, including me. You know you love me!

6. iPhone. The iPhone hit our shores this year with the new 3G model and even yours sincerely got the nifty gadget. From playing games to reading articles, everything is done on the iPhone. IPhone addicts will tell you they have been swiping and touching every screen (read: the computer monitor) they can lay their hands on.

7. The Second Coming of Heroes. It had the most potential and then it tanked from season two onwards. The TV show got so bad it prompted Entertainment Weekly to run a cover story on what went wrong. So this is my New Year resolution. I’m hoping the new chapter titled Fugitives will be so much better. Lesser Hiro behaving like an idiot and more Claire bear and is-she-dead Elle!

8. Re-learning Geography. My geography teacher would be proud. In 2008, I learnt that you can’t see Russia from America and Alaska is rather remote from the rest of the Yankees. Maybe I should introduce my geography teacher to Sarah Palin.

9. Picking Up Reading. It’s heartening to see teens picking up the books besides Harry Potter. To be specific, Twilight and the other sequel books by Stephenie Meyer. Who says the new generation doesn’t read? Give them a hot vampire and things will bite.

10. You. Yes, you. I’m thankful for you, the one who is reading this column right till the end! You made it to the end of the list! And I would even be more thankful if you actually bothered to leave some comments! That would be swell! Now go on, click the post comment button and say something nice about me. You know you love me. Cheers!

Ronald Wan is a freelance writer who is drunk and shameless from the year-end reverie. He is very sure you love him.