Adobe CS4: 82% off!

“Unleash your utmost creativity”

I’ve never shivered as much since I read the famous words: “You and your Mac were made for each other”

Behold (The ‘Whattup’)

Restless, doodling comrades, it’s time to make your designs professional with Adobe’s latest offering, the Creative Suite 4 (CS4). With all the hype surrounding this release, I’m sure many of us have been frantically searching up for some torre- uh, sorry, means to lay our hands on the program.

Now there’s actually a legal and (very) cost-saving way of laying your hands on the program.

  1. Be a student who’s studying higher education
  2. Be the parent of a student who’s doing their higher education
  3. Bribe a student studying in higher education for their help

Why? Well, especially just for students of tertiary institutions , Adobe is offering a special student package featured in the picture below,

And would only set you back by $165. I know what you’re thinking… ‘That’s impossible!’, ‘Someone photoshopped off the ‘0’ to $1650*! Well, no, and yes, compared to the original $939* this is really a steal. Which made me reconsider why life as a student might not be so bad after all… isn’t it?

But first to Adobe, then to school! Ouh wait, check out the details first, as certain conditions do apply.

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