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MediaCorp Channel 8’s new drama could well spark a new trend. It’s always been present in a minority of species of animals and even insects such as the giant water bug, poison arrow frog and spotted sandpiper. But the creature most well-known for this characteristic, which is also the theme of the series, is the emperor penguin.

It’s the male parent of these cold climate birds that care for the young, which is unusual for most other animal species. Daddy at Home or as the Chinese title 企鹅爸爸 (translated directly as Penguin Daddy) goes, talks about the new fad of stay-home fathers. A cast of local veteran actors portray the reversal of traditional family roles starring Chen Han Wei as househusband Ye Zhen Kang and Cynthia Koh acting as his wife Chen Mei Hui, who shoulders the responsibility as the breadwinner by running her own beauty salon.

Li Nanxing, on the other hand, appears in the drama as a high-flying senior vice president of a banking corporation, Liu Bang. With a successful career, he doesn’t see the need for his wife Yang Xin Bei, played by Ann Kok, to go out to work. In an unexpected twist of events, Liu Bang gets the axe and is unable to find a new job. As a result, his spouse takes up a work opportunity to support the family, while he stays home to look after his child and do the household chores.

To play the part of his character, Han Wei has a different look. He transforms completely with a new hairstyle that could match the perm of Singapore’s well-loved contractor Phua Chu Kang, a paunch, a shirt that screams colourful prints, bermudas and, to complete the “auntie” package, a pair of crocs.

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Image courtesy of MediaCorp Channel 8

Once he changes into the outfit, Han Wei naturally morphs into the role that amuses his co-actors. Nanxing said, “In the beginning, I couldn’t concentrate because when I see the character, Zhen Kang (played by Han Wei), I really feel like laughing. His actions and everything are so funny that I don’t dare to look directly at him.”

“Actually when I see Han Wei’s image, I quite like it. I feel that it’s very sexy,” Ann Kok said with a chuckle and got the whole crowd giggling as well.

Daddy at Home debuts Nov 2 at 9pm.

Drama Details

Daddy at Home 企鹅爸爸
Monday to Fridays, 9pm
20 Episodes
Starring: Li Nanxing, Ann Kok, Chen Han Wei, Cynthia Koh, Adam Chen, Dawn Yeoh