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Fans had to wait an extra 3 months for Yoga Lin’s (林宥嘉) new album, Senses Around (感官/世界), which can be described as laid back and a breeze to listen to. The release was expected in July, but the 22-year-old Taiwanese singer and his record company, HIM International Music, were insistent about its quality and continuously rearranged and re-recorded the tracks, resulting in the delay.

This is the second album from the winner of the first season of popular Taiwanese singing competition One Million Star (超级星光大道). Following a successful debut with 神秘嘉宾 (translated as Mystery Guest) in 2008, a thematic approach is taken on his sophomore work.

The attention-grabbing Ziploc® package is enough to make it stand out on the shelves at CD stores. 4 poster-like 40cm by 41cm sheets of paper, featuring images that are associated with the human senses, for example, a picture of Yoga covering his eyes, or fireworks in full array in the sky, are included in the bundle. Words denoting mortal emotions and senses are also printed in bold on the lyrics page, highlighting the overall thrust of the album.

Interpersonal communication is the topic that the songs broach and each of them specifically relate to the human senses and emotion. From singing of “Heartbreak” to the sense of hearing in “Deaf in Love”, Senses Around is an interesting one to listen through.

“You Are What You Eat” with its experimental mix of music elements and catchy tune might be a new experience for your ears. The boogie-woogie dance track presents a jazzy feel with heavy use of brass instruments and it’s laced with subtle rock ‘n’ roll riffs. The distinctive walking bass [a rhythm of notes that progresses up and down the musical scale] in the beginning and even the way the song ends evoke memories of the unique style of the late King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley.

Also noteworthy is “China Town”, which talks about the places that Chinese people residing in foreign cities such as Berlin, Milan, Kyoto or Cairo congregate in. It’s a district that the Chinese can call home with the characteristic red lanterns and antiques that are representative of their distinctive culture. This number cleverly incorporates an oriental melody into a contemporary tune. The Asian undertone in the music adds that touch of ethnicity, yet not overpowering, which strikes the balance between traditional and modern sounds.

“Sense” is yet another song that stood out. With the music score by Skot Suyama, who also composed Eason Chan’s “Sorry, Thank You” (对不起 谢谢), and words by award-winning lyricist, Lin Xi (林夕), this would impress you with its rock element that gives a refreshing take on Yoga’s voice. Figure of speech was used in the lyrics, such as the first 2 lines “有谁流过眼泪 请说, 有谁没有哭过, 请说” (translated as “who has shed tears before, please answer, who has never cried before, please answer”).

While fairly fresh in the music scene, the young artiste has been dubbed the Prince of Psychedelia. In line with this designation, the album also features tracks like “Gone With The Wind” and “Fairy Tale”, which have a psychedelic mood exclusive to him. Comparing his performance in this release with that of his debut, there’s not much difference. Yoga stayed true to the style that won the hearts of many and got him the top spot in One Million Star.

Title: 感官/世界 Senses Around
Artiste: 林宥嘉 Yoga Lin
Language: Mandarin
Record Label: HIM International Music
Release Date: Oct 30


  1. 关于我 Something About Me
  2. 解high人 The Spoiler
  3. 看见什么 吃什么 You Are What You Eat
  4. 耳朵 Deaf In Love
  5. 飘 Gone With The wind
  6. 说谎 Fairy Tale
  7. 心酸 Heartbreak
  8. 唐人街 China Town
  9. 歇斯 底里 Hysteria
  10. 另一个自己 Another Me
  11. 感同身受 Sense

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