By Amanda Wang and Lim Zhee Yen

This charming little café with a cosy atmosphere makes you feel right at home. Opened since 2002, the idea behind Food for Thought was to “meet people, talk to people and enjoy people”, as the head chef David Heng, 27, explains.


Unlike most other social enterprises, this indie café isn’t directly affiliated to any organisation. Rather, it does “business as usual”, it’s a normal café with a difference – it donates 10% of profits to social causes.


Through World Vision, Food for Thought supports the less privileged communities in Asia. Their walls are decorated with the many causes that they take part in – from posters to chalk drawings. They focus their efforts on different causes from time to time, which range from educating the young to ending poverty. World Vision helps them support the entire communities they choose by building schools and wells for people in less developed countries.

Additionally, they also serve free water to customers, who are then given the choice to donate their money to support the distribution of clean water in Bohol, Philippines. With the money contributed, every $0.07 will buy a PUR (Purifier of Water) sachet, which can purify 10 litres of water. As David said, “In Singapore we do have free water, and water is so easily accessible, whereas overseas people die from diarrhoea… because they don’t have water as easily as we do.” All these are explained through the colourful chalk sketches that adorn the walls.


While the western world celebrates Thanksgiving during November and December, Food for Thought has its focus on the kids in the Bauang, Philippines. Through the Giving Thanks Meal, diners are encouraged to appreciate people and blessings in their life, while at the same time, remembering the children living in the mountains who are unable to reach adolescence due to malnutrition from milk shortage. For every dinner bill, $22 is donated to the initiative. This helps them purchase 2 milk tins, which last about a month each.

The business of social enterprise doesn’t end here for them either. David explains, “It would be meaningless if we say we want to support social causes and here we don’t treat people kindly. So it starts within the staff itself, creating a conducive and a happy environment where people can work in, which then translates to the customer.”

420 North Bridge Road
North Bridge Centre

Pulled Pork Sandwich $9.90
Mama Heng Spicy braised pork $9.90
Honey Hoisin Baby Pork Ribs $19.90

Giving Thanks Set Menu $120 for 4
(2 Days Advance Reservation Requested)