You may have had your annual vegetarian meal on Vesak Day, but why stop there? After all, the benefits of a vegetarian diet include weight loss and longevity. UrbanWire has scouted out 4 vegetarian eateries.

Types Of Vegetarians

There are 8 types of vegetarianism: lacto-ovo, lacto, ovo, fruitarianism, veganism, raw veganism, su-vegetarism and marcobiotic diets.

Bombay Café has dishes that are suitable for vegans. Vegans don’t support any sort of animal products. Their diet excludes eggs, milk and gelatine. Vegans also don’t wear clothing that has leather, wool or silk in it.

UrbanWire takes you to the streets of Bombay

By Valerie Chua

Indian vegetarian restaurants are aplenty these days but we’ve picked out the cream of the crop just for you!

It didn’t take long for us to find Bombay Café. The restaurant’s façade is a blend of shocking pink and black, a colour theme that follows through into the restaurant itself.

InteriorFrom its bold interior design to its novel dishes, Bombay Café brings vegetarian food to a whole new level. Instead of sticking to the normal, run-of-the-mill vegetarian food that can be found at hawker centres, like plain Masala Dosa, vegetarians can now have a brand new experience with Bombay Café.

Bombay Café serves food that can be commonly found on the streets of Bombay. The special thing about this eatery is that they fuse the traditional Bombay dishes with elements from other cuisines, like the Mushroom Kurkure, which is a fusion of Italian and Indian.

However, one of their best dishes, the Gol Gappa ($7), is a traditional street snack . Gol Gappa is made up of puffed semolina fritters that are served with chutney made up of chickpeas and potatoes, mint-water and tamarind.

GolGappaSimply poke a small hole at the top of the puffed fritters, and scoop in the chutney and the mint-water and before chucking the whole thing into your mouth. You’ll be able to taste the sweet taste from the mint water and sour taste from the tamarind and spiciness from the chickpea and potato chutney in just one bite.

HowToEatAnother must try would be the Mushroom Kurkure ($14), made up of mushrooms stuffed with cheese and different kinds of bell peppers. It’s also served with 2 chutneys: mint and pineapple.

MushroomThis dish must be eaten while it’s hot because only then, will you be able to feel thecheese oozing out of the mushroom. The feeling of the cheese oozing out of the mushroom and into your mouth is simply divine.

To end of your dinner, order a glass of their Royal Falooda Drink ($6).


Mildly similar to the local bandung drink, the Royal Falooda Drink is made up of rose syrup, fresh milk and vermicelli and topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and pistachio nuts.

However, unlike bandung which has the tendency to either be extremely sweet or extremely bland, this drink manages to strike the right balance and the ingredients come together to make this one of the best-sellers in Bombay Café. According to the manager, Babu, on busy nights like Friday and Saturday, they could sell up to 70 to 100 cups of Falooda.

Address: 334 Tanjong Katong Road
Telephone No.: 6345 0070
Opening Hours: Daily from 11am–2.45pm and 6pm–10.15pm
Rating: ★★★★☆

How Mock Meat Is Produced

Mock meat is made of mainly soy protein (in the form of powder). In order to change the molecular structure of the soy so that it resembles meat, it must be exposed to heat, or dunked in an acid or solvent.

Then gel or any sort of glue-like substance has to be added so that the modified mixture can keep its shape and you get something that vaguely resembles meat.

For Quron, the world’s leading brand for meat alternatives, their products start with a fermentation process and ends up a high-protein, high-fiber fungus that resembles animal muscle cells before mixing everything with flavourings and binders.

Still want that piece of not-bacon?

Other Vegetarian Eateries