Closed: Win a pair of passes to SINGfest 2010!

In 50 words and less, tell us which band/artiste you’d like to see most at SINGfest 2010 and why.

Email your entries to with your name, NRIC and handphone number and you may stand a chance to catch your favourite band/artiste live in action!

This contest is closed.

About Amanda Foo

Amanda has chosen to hide behind written "unencumbered numbered words" (Jason Mraz, of whom she is a fan) due to her unsuccessful attempts to attain proper enunciation. Also, Jason Mraz can be very odd sometimes, which is something that Amanda identifies with easily. Amanda is also desperately in love with the food blog, smitten kitchen, because that’s the sort of life she hopes to have someday: a small kitchen in a bustling city filled to the brim with unforgettable food. She hopes that by being the Food editor of Trimedia Publishing, she is taking at least one small step towards her dream. She also loves the movie Inglourious Basterds. This is because the scene in which Lt. Aldo Raine casually carves the swastika into the forehead Col. Hans Landa and the fold of skin is arching up away from his skull is nauseating, demented and a work of genius.
  • Hi,

    Smashing Pumpkins!!!! My husband and I are their ardent fans!!! We caught them in Singapore back in March 1996. They are fantastic and we simply adore their music..BC quoted ” We have to work together to help all of God’s creatures against the insanity of MAN..” How great is that?!

  • Wooi Zhao Hong

    I would be very pleased to see KATY PERRY the most!!
    As she looks suppppper gorgeous in her MVs and now she’s in Singapore, thats like once in a blue moon i can see her Live!
    So Urbanwire, give me this opportunity to watch her live. :D
    Thank you Urbanwire!