When a K-pop band as phenomenal as Super Junior comes to town, it’s no surprise tickets will be completely snapped up and within a record time of 1.5 hours, no less. Tickets were so in demand that a second date was opened for their first concert in Singapore, Super Show 3 on Jan 29 and 30.


Yet, when informed of the news at a press conference last Sunday, the boys expressed surprise and exchanged brief grins with each other before member, Eunhyuk, took over the mic with words of appreciation.

“We’d like to thank all our fans and in future, we’ll work harder to put up a great performance so that our concert tickets in the future can be sold out in 30 minutes,” he said, sparking laughter from the media.

It has been 5 years since Super Junior burst onto the scene with their debut single “Twins (Knock Out)”.

Over the ensuing years, Super Junior has managed to confound critics, establishing themselves as front-runners of the Korean pop movement, with their latest 2 albums, “Sorry Sorry” and “Bonamana”, selling more than 200,000 copies each in South Korea alone.


Speaking through a translator, leader Leeteuk said “all the support and love [we] receive from all the fans are the same and in Singapore, it’s overwhelming too,” before adding jokingly that, “the weather is the differentiating factor here.”

It’s no mystery why Super Junior is so popular. Despite looking visibly tired and having to rush off soon for their concert preparation, the boys were affable and kept the media entertained with their spontaneous and funny remarks during the press con.

When asked about the reason for their their Lady Gaga-Beyonce inspired performances for Super Show 3, Heechul exclaimed, ‘I am genius!’ in English.


Sobering up, he then clarified that he “wanted something very impactful” and so came up with the idea with partners, Donghae, Shindong and Eunhyuk, “to entertain all his fans which he thinks [has] worked.”

Speaking about the need to wear high heels to ‘womanise’ themselves, Heechul stated that they did not struggle to adapt, given how they have worn insoles in other situations.

In fact, Heechul also expressed some new found admiration for women who wear high heels, musing “how do they even walk on these things!”.

High heels or not, Leeteuk surprised the media and received cheers when he left his seat to personally pass his microphone to a reporter so that she could ask a question.

Both Heechul and Leeteuk had been involved in a minor car accident due to fans who were chasing them while on their way to the hotel from the airport. When asked about their condition, Leeteuk was quick to assure the reporters that he was fine.

Heechul also stressed that he was fine, “if the fans are okay, then I am okay.”

He had some final words for fans, urging them to “beware of all these things and take care of themselves too.”

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