Watching Super Junior (aka SuJu) with their comical antics, smooth-talking ways, and slick stage choreography, it is not difficult to tell that the boys from Kimchi Land truly understood the meaning of a “super show”.


The 3-hour concert was dominated by an abundant outpour of “fan service” from fervent ELFs (Ever Lasting Friends, the official fan club) who lit the stadium in sapphire blue (Suju’s official colour) while they swayed their light sticks to the beat.

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Some 10,000 fans were treated to 2 consecutive evenings of seamless dance choreographies, addictive tunes [Cue: “Sorry, Sorry”] and wacky impersonations from the Korean megaband at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Jan 29 and 30.

If you missed Super Junior’s superb show:

Video playlist: Sorry Sorry, Super Girl, Don’t Don, No Other

Ever the eccentric one, Heechul didn’t disappoint when he took to the stage in drag attire, impersonating American pop sensation Lady Gaga. Touting himself as “Lady Heehee”, the 27-year-old danced to “Poker Face” while clad in a short black dress, a pair of fishnet stockings and red heels get-up, complete with Gaga’s signature blonde hairdo.

Without missing a beat, trio Eunhyuk, Shindong, and Donghae soon emerged on stage in equally jaw-dropping, skin-tight mini leather dresses, this time to parody of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, causing peals of laughter to erupt from the audience.

The hilarious segment ended with the 4 “ladies”, joined by female backup dancers, gyrating to the tune of “Crazy In Love”, concluding a performance that even Lady Gaga and Beyonce would have been proud of.


Through the night, SuJu worked their charm, peppering the concert with a library of funny faces and eyebrow-raising antics such as taking shots of themselves with fans’ cameras while performing. They also played a cheeky game of chase and pretend “kiss” among members, and Siwon even peeled off his shirt to reveal a perfectly sculpted six-pack during song number, “U”.


At one point in the concert, some members even rose from an elevated stage, while others were suspended in the air, throwing confetti at the audience.

In a particularly poignant moment of the show, absent member, Kangin, who’s serving the military, was even “magically” teleported into the stadium, and appeared in the form of a hologram, bringing with him a fresh flood of tears from ardent fans.

“Super Junior’s very real and always show a true side of themselves. They are very down-to-earth and humble despite being so famous,” said student, Chua Hui Ting, 18.

Towards the end of the show, fans went wild with delight when SuJu came tottering on stage in a myriad of adorable vegetable costumes that each represented their personalities during their encore performance of “Cooking? Cooking!”.

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“Super Junior is different from other bands because they’re not afraid to ‘uglify’ themselves like they always do in variety shows!” observed Rachel Tan, 16, a student who has been a fan for 3 years.

Donghae, who is known as the crybaby of the group, dressed up as an onion, while Heechul, whose fellow group mates regard as “hot-tempered, yet spicy and with a bit of manliness”, transformed into a red hot chilli pepper.

According to The New Paper, the elaborate production, which consisted of 2 extended elevated platforms and a revolving centre stage, were specially flown-infrom Koreaand reportedly cost at least $1.5 million to stage.

With talks of a Super Show 4 by the band during the concert press conference, one thing’s for sure; it won’t be the last our sunny isle will be seeing of the super boys.