The Resorts World Sentosa venue was the first of many signs that the Star Awards 2011 was aiming for a greater glam factor compared to last year’s awards reception. This year’s red carpet walk turned golden (literally), as the stars glided over a strip of aurulent carpeting. Replacing the white Mercedes convertibles from last year were a convoy of Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG automobiles decked in spicy red.

As hot as the entrances of the artistes were, the awards show itself as always, drew attention for quirky fashion choices, hilarious quotes and surprising victories and losses.

The UrbanWire homes in on the 6 most noteworthy points of the 6-hour event, from the ceremony to the after-party.

#1 – Defeating veteran hosts – Joanne Peh

It was a 5-cornered battle for the award of Best Info-ed Programme Host, with 3 hosting stalwarts in the race.

When it seemed most likely that either Guo Liang, Bryan Wong or funnyman Mark Lee would bag the prize, out came the announcement that the dark horse actress Joanne Peh had pipped the trio and seasoned host Belinda Lee to the award.

The host of The Activist’s Journey was “still shivering” after she received her award. “Not with Mark Lee, Bryan and Guo Liang,” she responded, after being asked if she hadn’t expected to win.

As if to add a dampener to our expectations, Joanne revealed that marriage to boyfriend MediaCorp radio presenter and actor Bobby Tonelli wasn’t on the cards. “Not so fast, lah!” she remarked in Mandarin.

No matter what, Joanne has much to celebrate besides her award – her 29th birthday was the very next day.

#2 – Belinda Lee

Despite losing out to Joanne Peh for the title of Best Info-ed Programme Host, Belinda Lee was all-smiles when she spoke to The UrbanWire.

And like Peh, Lee said that she was shivering throughout the ceremony. Not from the excitement, but from the cold, as she came decked in a bare-backed Burberry outfit, which looked like a cross between handbag straps and a dress.

“Check out the back, baby,” she said as she flaunted her bare back before the cameras. She may have felt chilly, but the temperature was certainly hot around her.

Belinda Lee's revealing dress, from Burberry.

However, she sang a different tune from Peh when it came to talk about her marriage.

“The wedding date should be announced soon,” she said. Lee is engaged to a hotel designer known as Mr Lee, whom she has known for 5 years.

In response to questions about future plans, Lee would only say with a grin, “I’m hosting the National Day Parade this year. What’s new?”

#3 – Kym Ng – “I spent my honeymoon with 9 chefs”

The recently-married Kym Ng has one regret – not having time to go on a honeymoon with her new husband.

Her reason? Filming her variety show Love On A Plate, involves heading out to rural villages with 9 celebrity chefs to cook for the locals there.

Thankfully, her time spent with other men instead of her husband was well justified when she snagged the title of “Best Variety Show Host”.

The petite host, who has been in showbiz for 16 years, beat the likes of Thailand-born Pornsak, comedienne Michelle Chong and even former City Beat co-hosts Bryan Wong and Guo Liang for the award.

Sadly for Kym, she may not be having a honeymoon anytime soon. “My husband and I always jet off overseas at alternating times of the year,” she lamented. “So honeymoon will have to wait.”

But Ng, who is ever tight-lipped about her real age, looked as if she couldn’t keep her hunger to herself.

After the interview, she exclaimed in her raspy voice, “Later must eat the cake, ah!”

Kym Ng shares a light-hearted moment with the 9 chefs with whom she worked with on "Love On A Plate".

#4 – Fashion statement – Birds of a feather… flock together?

It was a feathery affair of sorts for 1 Taiwanese and 1 Singaporean artiste.

While Taiwanese show-host Ming Jie was seen donning his pair of wings on his shoulders, MediaCorp actor Chen Hanwei was spotted with adidas JS Wings footwear.

Chen Hanwei sported Jeremy Scott for adidas winged shoes.

Just like his apparel, his hopes successfully took flight, as he took home the award of “Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste” for the 8th year running.

Congratulations, Hanwei. Stay fly, as always.

#5 – Xiang Yun – “Daughter doesn’t approve of my dress”

Eeeee… Why like that one, Mummy?”

That was the reaction Xiang Yun’s daughter made at her mother’s revealing outfit.

Still, that remark did not deter the 49-year-old from making her appearance at the ceremony in her low-cut dress.

She received the “All Time Favourite Artiste” award, after bagging the “Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste” for 10 years in a row (from 2000 to 2010).

Xiang Yun, who is married to actor Edmund Chen, went on to dedicate her award to her daughter and son, who were both ill.

“My son has food poisoning while my daughter is nursing a flu. Speaking of which, my son is now 20 and in the army. How time flies!” she said with a sigh.

#6 – Michelle Chong approves of the Leticia Bongnino fanpage

“All that is not me, ah!”, actress Michelle Chong exclaimed.

She was responding to The UrbanWire’s  question if Chong knew of the Twitter accounts and Facebook pages created in tribute of The Noose characters she portrayed, namely newscaster Adrianna Wow, bimbotic sarong party girl (SPG) Barberella and Filipino domestic helper Leticia Bongnino.

The Leticia fanpage has more than 11,000 fans, while its Twitter account has more than 7,000 followers.

“I am… I am… I am… Michelle Chong”, she stuttered, in her hilarious attempt to reassure fans of her true identity.

Still, the 34-year-old actress gave the fanpages her nod of approval. “Continue the good work, because it’s helpful in promoting the show,” she beamed.

Michelle Chong, the face behind Barbella, Adrianna Wow and Leticia Bongnino.

Although Chong refused to do an impression of Leticia on the spot, she relented towards the end, with Leticia’s trademark outro.

Thank you berry much,” she teased in her Filipino accent.

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