More than 10,000 fans turned up at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on May 14  for “Asia’s Dancing King”, Show Luo (罗志祥), one of the biggest turnout ever at the stadium.

The singer-host, commonly nicknamed “小猪” (Xiao Zhu) or “Little Pig”, opened his near 3-hour concert with “Only U” from his latest album, dancing to the fast tempo song in a silver and neon green outfit. With Mandarin subtitles screening throughout the concert, even members of the audience unfamiliar with the songs could join in the mega karaoke event.
Show electrified his teenybopper audience with other massive hits such as ‘灰色空間’ (Grey Dimension), ‘愛不單行’ (Love Doesn’t Travel Alone), ‘愛*轉角’ (Love*Corner), ‘幸福不滅’ (Cause I Believe), that were the theme songs for the various drama series that he acted in.

The Show (pardon the puns) was flawless if not for the tiny blunder he made while performing ‘我不會唱歌’ (I Don’t Know How To Sing), as the Taiwanese charmer forgot his lyrics onstage. His first reaction, of course, was to apologise profusely to the audience, making the effort to say in English, “I’m sorry!” His supportive fans came to the rescue, singing the song for him, with him chorusing with the crowd after composing himself. Still, he repeated his apology.

Even though Show altered a word or 2 of the lyrics from the different songs he sang, his vigorous dancing did not affect his singing and he didn’t even miss a note. This was reflected when he pulled off a strong and good falsetto in ‘美麗的誤會’ (Beautiful Misunderstanding).
Throughout the entire concert, Show had 5 wardrobe changes, which was considered plenty for an average concert. But he was evidently well prepared during the changes as the crowd was pleasantly engaged with a video collage consisting of his thoughts and feelings as a celebrity, his journey to becoming who he was today, each time he went off to change.

One especially poignant one saw him recalling when he got accused of taking drugs. The videos commented on and how he was able to stand back up when he fell down and injured himself during practices. Of course, the goofy showhost was but human, revealing in his videos that when he was accused of such scandals, he would cry secretly. It was a very sincere move to bare his true feelings to his fans, letting them see the weaker side of him.

The whole concert was well thought out, transitioning from song to song, which were relevant to his video.
Loyal 20-year-old fan Chua Jie Heng told UrbanWire, “I admire his persistence and passion to work towards his goals. I was especially touched when he talked about how he didn’t and wouldn’t do drugs because he is filial to his parents and even reminded us to be filial to ours as well,”.

Even though the mood lulled as Show recalled the less heartening moments, the 100% Entertainment host successfully livened up the whole atmosphere with his comical acts and jokes effortlessly.

One of which was him jokingly mentioned about how being in Singapore makes him fat (because of the local delicacies).

Before starting on the song ‘Twinkle’, he took on the character of a sissy dance trainer, the “Dancing King” from his entertainment show. He then proceeded to teach the audience part of the dance of “Twinkle”. Everyone responded enthusiastically to his instructions and were very supportive when they stood up and danced at their own seats.

On top of that, Show identified one his long-time dancer, 大目 (Tommy), as the one that caused him to fall during his performance in Macau. During ‘Twinkle’, he took the opportunity to pinch Tommy’s face (because they were in formation) and scrunched up Tommy’s face, cracking the audience up. And before we knew it, the 2 had a dance-off (with the same routine) in the midst of the performance.

Equally entertaining was his excellent drumming, following a video of him playing the drums at the age of 5.
Show wrapped up the one-night only concert with ‘愛瘋頭’ (Head Over Heels) and ‘撐腰’ (Waist Support), before declaring his love for Singapore and his wish to return.

It was mutual admiration. All in all, the singer-comedian won his fans with his stunning performances, slick dance moves and his rib-tickling jokes, leaving them Head Over Heels with him.

Photo courtesy of Unusual Entertainment
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