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While strolling down Orchard Rd on a busy weekend, you might encounter either branch of The House of Robert Timms’: you could be heading down to *SCAPE for a jostle at the flea market or browsing through the discount pile at Borders’.

Parallel Lines
A glance at their décor and Blondie starts ringing in my head…

Many of you who are habitués of gourmet coffee joints like Papa Palheta and The Plain may also have heard of Timms’ prowess in the world of gourmet coffee.

Adored by Aussies, The House of Robert Timms is one of the very few Australian cafés that still roast and blend their beans in their home ground. But in Singapore, The House of Robert Timms’ has been gaining a reputation outside their coffees…

Get your forks and knives ready to bog in, my fellow sheilas and blokes!

Being a bona fide Australian restaurant, it doesn’t come as a shock to see marsupials (mammals that are indigenously Australian, like wallabies and koalas, to name a few), but you’d be flabbergasted to see them… in the menu?!

If you found Kangaroo Jack to be a horrible movie, you’re not going to have a problem stomaching this dish. They are visible on the Australian coat of arms, and even on some Aussie currency! But who thought that they could be delicious (and a healthier alternative to beef).

Stout Braised Kangaroo
Stout Braised Kangaroo Loin ($26.90)

Don’t smack yourself for mistaking this dish for your date’s beef stew – it doesn’t look that much different! Loosen your belt buckles; this is a gargantuan portion of diced, tender kangaroo chunks in mouth-watering brown stout gravy, topped with julienned zucchini and carrots. And what’s a meal without some carbs – a nice plop of mashed potato and crispy strips of puffy pastry seals the deal.

Plunge the end of your fork into a wedge of kangaroo, swish it around in some brown sauce (dab on some mashed potato if you’d like) and be impressed by the chewy tenderness of the meat. You’ll be reaching for more. Don’t worry about being unhealthy as you gorge on kangaroo, because it has half the fat as beef, and if you’re looking to put on some muscle, you’re in luck, because kangaroo has the highest protein content out of meats (chicken, lamb, beef, and pork)!

You must be curious to know how kangaroo tastes. To many, kangaroo tastes like a combination of beef and venison, and some think it tastes (and smells) like mutton. So if you found Old Beauty World’s mutton soup too pungent, this would be pretty hard to swallow.

And if you thought that was the end to exotic meats… crikey!

Braised Crocodile Casserole
Braised Crocodile Casserole ($23.80)

Most Singaporeans are probably open to the idea of drinking nutritious herbal crocodile soups, so some croc on your fork shouldn’t be too much of a leap.

Served braised and with chopped up melt-in-your-mouth carrots, zucchini, and eggplant with a generous dollop of mash (except you don’t get the crispy pastry here), this dish might prove challenging, even for the most adventurous of eaters… but try, and you will be rewarded, most deliciously.

Unlike crocodile that has been double-boiled for hours, those wearing dentures or braces, or find eating tough steak a chore, should avoid this dish. Crocodile tastes like a mixture of chicken and fish, with a leathery texture, and comes with a kick – feel the Crocodile Hunter’s spirit coursing through your veins as you chow down on this.

And why not some Mussels & Clams to share?

Mussels in White Wine Sauce
Mussels & Clams in White Wine Sauce

With all the ‘alien’ meats on the table, it’ll be good to have a dish to that brings you back to Earth – something familiar – maybe something from under the sea.

Served in a deep pan of deliciously light, white wine sauce, these mussels and clams ($18.50 a pot) are succulent and are just bursting with the slight flavor of the wine. A whiff of the aroma in the air reveals the freshness of the stock and the shellfish.

Dip a breadstick into the lip-smacking broth and let it soak up the goodness, and enjoy. Don’t be shocked if you find yourself lapping it all up – it’s good to the very last drop!

And after…

Feel free to rummage through their extensive menu to gratify your desires for sweets, or to combat the post-lunch (or dinner) dip with a fix of caffeine (you’re in the right place!).

The Pavlova with Strawberry Ice Cream might just be what you’re looking for if you’re looking to gratify your desires for sweets – the Pavlova collapses and dissipates to fine clumps of sugary goodness upon entry to your mouth, and a nice cuppa of Hazelnut Coffee should brighten up your senses, as you swallow its velvety smoothness and take in the nutty fragrance exuded by the cuppa.


Robert Timms has two houses here:

Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road, #01-02/03
Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 8am – 1am, Friday and Saturday from 8am – 3am for all day breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Tel: 6735 9201

Orchard Shopping Centre (Opened on 27 March)
321 Orchard Road, #1-01/02
Opening Hours: Daily from 11am – 11pm for all day breakfast, lunch and dinner
Tel: 6733 0609