While some young entrepreneurs ditch the brick for the click, online boutique Modparade has evolved to add a brick component- a physical boutique at Haji Lane.

Online emporium


Started out by Fernnice Wong and her mom back when Fernnice was only 19, the online store of Modparade has been around for 4 years and has since built a brand for itself, drawing customers seeking the unique and exclusive. By that, they have been carrying only 1 piece of each vintage outfit, when they. With its unique stylings, exclusivity is not far from the click of a button at Modparade.

With a quirky indie style that spills over from the cut of clothes to the way their models are styled, you get a refreshingly novel vibe here compared with other blogshops.


Modparade keeps things fresh on the site by launching a new collection of about 10 pieces every Tuesday at 10pm. This makes it ideal for those who run through their closets weekly or monthly. Even if nothing from the current collection suits your own style, it’s only a short wait for the next batch of awesome outfits.

Items are limited, so be sure to log in to Modparade on time if you want first dibs!

Apart from their regular indie quirky collections, Modparade sure knows how to keep their customers wanting more by having a vintage collection once every 2 months or so. What’s more, they carry only 1 piece of each vintage outfit; further guaranteeing it’s authenticity.



Moving forward


Business has been so good that Fernnice and her mom also opened up a boutique 2 years back in the heart of Haji Lane. This beautiful shop has even more exclusive clothes and shoes that aren’t found on the online shop. It’s highly recommended that you drop by the shop if you are already impressed by Modparade’s site.

The boutique stocks up every Thursday at 12 noon. As with her online business, Fernnice is proud to say that every piece in the boutique is limited. She assures that there are only a maximum of 3 pieces for all her boutiques outfits. This means no more than 2 other people in Singapore will have the same outfit as you!

If you want to save yourself the trouble of going down to browse their collection, Modparade also has their very own “lookbook” available to browse online. On their site, they have recently updated 2 new tabs, Boutique Femme and Boutique Homme, which comprises of the latest looks updated in the boutique just for their customers.


Conveniently compiled into a book for customers to scroll through it quickly and easily.

Of course, exclusivity and physical presence come at a price. Items in the Modparade boutique are pricier, ranging from $35 to $229 for clothes and shoes, and items ranging from $25 to $70 for clothes and shoes in the online store. On the other hand, you are also getting quality and unique designs sourced all over Asia by Fernnice, who also designs some pieces herself from time to time.

Modparade is generously sponsoring vouchers to be given away at the Hyped Up Flea Market this year, check it out and join the giveaways and go shop at Modparade. If you’re looking for clothes that are indie quirky and don’t fit in with the mass market, trust me, Modparade won’t let you down.

Modparade’s online store will be turning 4 in October and Fernnice says that there may be an event or promotion, so do stay tuned!

Join their mailing list to get the latest updates for other promotions and events that Modparade may have, or for reminders to check out new collections every Tuesday at 10 pm!

Modparade Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pages/Modparade/155177033988

Modparade’s Boutique is located at 68 Haji Lane S(189261)
Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday (1200 – 2000)
Friday and Saturday (1200 – 2100)