Similar to online fashion communities the likes of Lookbook and Poshism, UNIQLOOKS is a global online fashion platform that allows users to mix and match their favourite UNIQLO items into an outfit, and share their best UNIQLOOK with their friends and the rest of the world.

Whether your forte in dressing up is in layering your tops, or piecing old garments together to pull off a never replicated look, UNIQLOOKS provides you with the platform to unleash the fashion ‘guru’ in you, in line with their ‘Made For All’ philosophy.

felicia chin

Mediacorp artiste, Felicia Chin

To hype up the launch of their online community, a local contest began on Jun 17, where MTV VJ Holly, and MediaCorp artiste Felicia Chin served as style scouts, to pick 20 fashionably-inclined ladies and gentlemen for the grand finals on Jul 28, where the contenders got to show their individual style and competed to be the ultimate UNIQLOOKS winner.

Jul 28 saw the 20 finalists, celebrity judges, media friends and selected guests including UrbanWire gathered at the lofty and exclusive Ion Sky for the much-anticipated event. The well-kept secret of a venue was a major eye-opener for many. Prior the event, most of us wouldn’t have guessed that there’s actually a 55th storey in the Ion mall.

While the waiting time could have been shortened to dismiss further dampening the spirits of a few guests, the refreshments (which far exceeded expectations) served made the wait less painful. This, in particular, captured the hearts of the food lovers.

Instant photo printing services were also made available throughout the whole show at zero cost, where professional photographers armed with bulky DSLRs were constantly on the move to get friends to strike a pose. In turn, guests could also request to have their pictures taken. This complimentary service was exceptionally enticing for some fan girls (and boys) who jostled their way through to have their pictures taken with their favourite star celebrity.

vj utt


Finally, the show began when MTV VJ Utt strutted out in his smart wear, an ordinary 3-piece yet fashionably matching suit, capturing everyone’s attention. Needless to say, the spontaneity that comes with his years of hosting experience effortlessly transformed the lifeless atmosphere quickly.

Following a short but sweet opening message by Managing Director of UNIQLO Singapore, Satoshi Onoguchi, it was showtime for the 20 finalists. Although the models weren’t professional, they exuded much confidence as they took turns to sashay down the aisle.

satoshi onuguchi

Managing Director of UNIQLO Singapore, Satoshi Onuguchi

What kept this contest interactive is that 30% of the results are based on votes, while the rest were dependant on the judges decision. In round 1, 10 were eliminated.



Soon enough, round 2 began. The top 10 strutted down the walkway, with more poise than in round 1.

While the crowds seemed to favour Anna Lim, who stands at 1.7m, and is believed to have modeling background, Farah Amelia Tan, who was comparatively more ‘fun-sized’, didn’t let her petite build downsize her confidence. Judging by the swagger that accompanies Amelia when she moves, and the poise that she radiates when a camera steers in her direction, the lack of height doesn’t really bother women that much after all. When Utt did an impromptu banter with the judges, celebrity make-up artist, Clarence Wong, was particularly dazzled by Stacey Law, the most petite among the 20.

farah amelia tay

Contestant, Farah Amelia Tay

While women are often stereotyped as the ones you take your fashion cues from, this night proved otherwise. Celebrity artiste Felicia Chin, who used to think that “girls style better than guys,” took back her words after that night, when the panel of 6 judges, which consisted of VJ Holly, MediaCorp artiste Felicia Chin, celebrity fashion stylist Trey Wong and make-up artist Clarence Lee, Urban editor Tee Hun Ching and Uniqlo Singapore’s managing directors, Satoshi Onoguchi and Albert Chew crowned Viona Wang, 22 and Nick Chong, 27 as the winners.


Panel of judges

The duo won themselves an all-expense-paid three-night stay for two in New York, an exclusive invite to Uniqlo’s 5th Ave Global Flagship Store Opening party and a turn as cover stars for Catalog magazine.

winners + judges

“I feel really excited and honoured to be chosen from among so many people. I look forward to going to New York because it’s going to be an experience of a lifetime,” said Viona.

“I’m over the moon and I can’t wait to go to New York. I still can’t believe I won,” said Nick after receiving his prize.

viona + nick

Viona (left) and Nick (right), winners

So what makes one a worthy UNIQLOOK model? While fashion may be subjective, there are definitely guidelines. In the words of MTV VJ Holly, she believes in “being comfortable, and not trying too hard”.


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Photo courtesy of UNIQLO Singapore, Her World, Noel Teo