+J brings to the good shelves of Uniqlo a palette made up of the deeper, darker tones of fall and winter. Expect to be surrounded by hues of global uniform: black, dark brown, mud, claret, Prussian blue and Russian green.

The silhouettes in this array of parkas, coats, pants, skirts and shirts feel almost poetic. Their base structures may seem stern, but they are immensely softened with sensual details, like in the flared pants or the double-breasted coats.

Another effort to further blunt the collection’s potential severity is the fabrics used. They have a softness that feels like it was built into them, especially prevalent in the coats that are infused with padded lining and precious woolen fibres.

+J’s trademark attention to detail of course has not been left out in this collection, with visible 3D seams incorporated in its dresses, and their skirts with feature cubic outlines.

To put it simply, the collection is “a passport through time and space: sculptured lines, fluid grace, modern sophistication for everyone.”

Consisting of approximately 100 pieces, the +J Fall/Winter 2011 Collection offers many possibilities to create and individual style: a personal uniform.

The +J Fall/Winter Collection will be available at 313@Somerset.