Ever since the turn of the new millennium, the Nike T90 series has been at the behest of players who want a pair of boots that yields fear and respect by promising outstanding accuracy.

The Laser IV is almost completely distinct from the III series. Aside from the striking colour scheme, the first look alone displays numerable aesthetic changes. The most evident difference is the absence of the square/rhombuses running along the shot shield. Instead, triangles glide down the instep and rectangular bars hang beneath them. Beneath that lies the adaptive, shape correction foam that promises to assist players by equipping every shot with greater precision. To increase optimum striking conditions, the shooting and swerve zones on the instep of the boot are also designed to flex naturally as the foot impacts the ball, raising the probability of a clean strike.

Hold it in your hands for another tangible difference. Aside from the slimmer silhouette, the shoe is also 20% lighter than its previous incarnation, or if you need a number, only an astonishing 270g. An elite version of this model doesn’t exist yet, so we can expect the weight to experience further reductions when one does come out. A patch of black impact dampening fins occupies the space closer to the front of the shoe, spreading out the force of an intercepted ball more efficiently and producing better handling.


Photo courtesy of official Nike website.

Strikers make the most of tight spaces and rapid turns and feints to leave defenders on the losing end of chase. The T90 Laser IV also features remodelled studs designed to maximize the speed of penetration and release on pitch without increasing stud pressure for the player.

Heel, centre, side, and toe off edge traction combined with a more flexible plate also enhance agility and reduce slipping. When breaking away from defenders to capitalize on scoring opportunities, flexibility and movement is key.

The shoe is also a snug fit from the get go. It seems that with the Laser IV, one can unhesitatingly forgo the time-honoured tradition of “seasoning” a pair to get the best fit out of it. The interior of the boot wraps around your foot firmly and it delivers a sense of protection from the inevitable occasions the player marking you decides to introduce his studs with menacing intent onto your foot.

I surmise it won’t be long before it becomes the weapon of choice for many players, especially among strikers and attacking midfielders. Pairing an attractive string of key improvements with a conspicuously attractive colour scheme, it should be on the list for any player looking to make goalkeepers (like yours truly) regret their job.

So, if you have $309 to spare and want to conduct a shock and awe campaign against your opponents, the T90 Laser IV is the optimum choice for getting the ball from point A to B with little fear of it landing anywhere near C to Z.


  • Available at all official Nike Retail Outlets.
  • Elite model not available as of the time of this article.