Win a pair of in-season passes to The Howling: Reborn! (Closed)

RATING: M18 (Violence and sexual scenes)
DIRECTED BY: Joe Nimziki
STARRING: Landon Liboiron, Lindsey Shaw, Ivana Milicevic

On the eve of his high school graduation, Will Kidman (Landon Liboiron) finally catches the eye of the girl he’s longed for these last four years: the mysterious Eliana Wynter (Lindsay Shaw). Will has always been quiet, but he soon discovers a dark secret from his past: He is heir to a vicious line of werewolves. In order to fight nature’s primal legacy, Will must do battle with an army of fearsome beasts bent on killing Eliana. Can Will fight his own growing blood lust and save himself from becoming a brutal savage?

UrbanWire is giving out 5 pairs of in-season passes to The Howling: Reborn! To qualify, simply answer a question! (All participants must be 18 years old and above)

Question: “What mythical creature does the main character (Landon Liboiron) turn into?”

Submit your answers here!

Contest closes May 2 .

Prizes proudly sponsored by Shaw Organisation

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