Fashionistas, get ready to sweep the new H&M collection off the shelves when it’s released Nov 15. Here at UrbanWire, we can’t put into words how psyched we are over this collaboration with French design house Maison Martin Margiela.

In what H&M calls a “re-edition”, the collection will feature over 100 iconic pieces from the French label’s 23 years of history. Each piece will have a special tag indicating which season and collection the piece originated from.

The Collection

While a relatively young label, Margiela has a reputation of being different(in a good way), edgy and forward. The new collection will see the trademark Margiela “tricks”, including trompe l’oeil effects, sharp shoulders and dramatic silhouettes.

One key design element very prominent in this collection is “oversized.” It’s extremely timely as it also ties in with this season’s Fall/Winter 2012 trends. Overly baggy jeans, peacoats and even dresses, translate into pieces that both size 0 and size 12 girls can look good in. And how apt to have such considerately-sized outfits too, as the year-end feasting is bound to result in wider waistlines…

Masculine elements are another dominant feature. From double-breasted flat jackets to again oversized trousers, it’s time to embrace the “borrowed-from-the-boys” trend.

Heavy colours used for this collection are shades of black, blue, nude and white. Another thing to note is the use of unthinkable objects or products to create the pieces. Think leather jackets made of belts, handpainted jeans and shoes, and pieces with fusions of 2 different elements, such as a men’s blazer with blue on the right and black on the left. Break away from the constant predictable clothing and try some of these unique yet chic pieces that may very well surprise you. Prices range from $79.90 for a t-shirt to $549 for a guitar bag.

Having released two other collaborations this year, namely with Marni in March and an accessories collection with Anna Dello Russo just last month, I personally think that this collection is the best amongst the three. Although not as feasible as the Marni’s spring/summer collection for us Singaporeans, H&M did a better job at encapsulating Margiela’s aesthetic as compared to Marni’s. If you are going to travel soon, or if you are a frequent traveler, I strongly advise you to invest in one of these limited edition pieces.

To put it simply, this collection is too “cheap & chic” to ignore. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get an authentic and limited Margiela design (which can potentially cost over $2,000 for a plain jacket) produced by H&M that you can keep for a lifetime. Sales will begin November 15 at 8am.


What We Love

Hitched up dress, $299


Invisible wedge pumps, $399


Fusion of two jackets, $249, Fusion of two trousers, $159, Open clasp watch bracelet, $79.90, Boots with mould effect, $399

Jacket made of belts, $549

Hand painted loafers, $299