Contest closed Feb 19. 

The answer is “X-mini”.

Congratulations to the winner:

Caiping Cheong (S90xxxxxD)


Flesh Imp and X-mini collaborated for the very first time in 2012, bringing a series of exclusively designed merchandises. Sharing products they love, Flesh Imp collaborates with local award-winning partner, X-mini!

Prior to the anniversary party, a competition was held to select a design for this special collaboration and anniversary celebration. The winning tribal-inspired design was built on the concept of triangles. Triangles are one of the basic shapes of geometry, a polygon of three equal sides.  The tribal pattern is collectively formed with many equilateral triangles, delineating great balance and equality between music and fashion.

In the basic unit, there is an obscure ‘X’ formed by the lines and triangles, representing a crossover. The circular shape represents an audio input jack. Over all, the basic unit represents the crossover between the two brands.

This exclusive Flesh Imp x X-mini collection comprises of a Tee shirt, a canvas sling tote and the exclusive X-mini Capsule Speaker, with all  three items encompassing an identical pattern. 

This exclusive merchandise is in stores now, retailing at:

SGD 49.90 X-mini Capsule Speaker
SGD 39.00 Tee shirt
SGD 45.00 Sling Tote Bag

The whole collection is also retailing at a bundle deal of SGD 120! Grab merchandise from this unique collaboration between the best of music and urban fashion collaterals now!


UrbanWire is giving out 1 set of this Flesh Imp & X-mini collection (consisting of 1 X-mini Capsule Speaker, 1 Flesh Imp tee shirt & 1 Sling Tote Bag, total worth S120)!  To qualify, simply answer the following question:

Which local portable audio technology brand did fashion label Flesh Imp collaborate with for the design competition & anniversary party?

(Hint: Answer can be found in the text above.)

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Prizes proudly sponsored by X-mini.