Mother’s Day: Chef’s Day off

We love home-cooked food, but if at no other time, Mothers’ Day’s the one day you should give your mum the day off. While you’re at it, why not make it feel like you’re taking her out of Singapore by giving her a taste of international cuisines.


German cuisine: Haxenhaus

Crispy roasted pork knuckle, juicy sausages and tender schnitzels accompanied by a mug of ice-cold malty beer may sound like something that appeals more to a man, but if your mom has a hearty appetite, Bavarian cuisine may just be the thing. Haxenhaus, a German beer bar and restaurant, offers authentic German dishes that will satiate your mom’s appetite for meat.

Opened in September 2012, it is currently one of the newer German beer halls in Singapore. If your mom has already tried the more popular German restaurants such as Paulaner Brauhaus, Werner’s Oven or Brotzeit, this would be the next eatery on your German Restaurant list.

If you can’t decide from a variety of Bavarian dishes such as Germany’s well-known sausages to other signature dishes like pork knuckle and sauerkraut (fermented white cabbage), you can try the Haxenhaus Platte ($88). The platter is a good sampler that contains a pork knuckle, pork sausages, pork schnitzel, kasseler pork steak and a choice of 2 side dishes. While you might gawk at the price, remember that this is large enough to serve 4 (or more), and so makes a worthwhile meat-packed family serving.

The Haxenhaus Platte portion’s exactly what you see. Credits: HauxenhausSG

To top off your celebration, opt for something different with a plate of Kaiserschmarrn ($14) instead of your typical chocolate cake. Fresh out of the oven, these light, caramelised cubes of pancake with stewed plums are sprinkled with powdered sugar, a combination that will make her toes curl in delight.

Of course, no heavy German meal will be complete without a mug of cold beer to wash it down. Choose from a selection of four imported draft beers such as Spaten, Franziskaner, Schneider Weisse, Weltenburger and Weihenstephan. Brewed according to the German Beer Purity Law, only permitted water, hops, and malt are used as ingredients to obtain pure beer. Citrusy and malty or dry and light – let your Queen take her pick (most moms are able to better appreciate the Lager or Weissbier) to conclude your family’s crash course to Bavarian cuisine. Prost and Guten Appetit!


Find Haxenhaus at:

80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-13

Call to make reservations or enquiries: (65) 6835 7818


Operating Hours:

Mon – Thurs: noon – midnight

Fri, Sat: noon – 1am

Sun: noon – midnight


Rating: 4/5

Price Rating: $$ – $$$


American cuisine – Morganfield’s

Real American food doesn’t have to be synonymous with the words fast, processed or junk – despite most perceptions.

Welcome to Morganfield’s, a bite of American Midwestern cuisine accompanied by acoustic and harmonica-based blues tunes that would chase your blues away. Fashioned in simplicity with country furniture and detailed with vintage posters and rustic décor, your mom would feel as if she is transported into a traditional American diner.

Get down and dirty with your lips and fingers with Sticky Bones, hearty slabs of good ol’ barbecued pork ribs served in different variations like Hickory Wood-smoked Ribs, hickory BBQ Spare Ribs, Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs or Smoked Peppercorn Spare Ribs. All the 3 following platters also come with side dishes of garden salad, grilled corn on the cob, corn bread and crispy French fries.

Rather than trying to figure out what to order, go for the Sharing Platters. A giant plate with a little bit of everything, you’ve got yourself well covered if you pick this. One platter feeds about 4, but don’t go wild with your orders – they’re American-sized (read: enormous) portions, after all.

The Carnivore ($89.90)

If your mom prefers savouring a variety of red meat, this platter offers a full slab of Sticky Ribs (done in Hickory BBQ, Garlick BBQ, Smoked Peppercorn or Tuscan Baked Spicy style), half of any Roast Chicken (Herb Roasted, Tequila Spiked, Honey Stung or BBQ), grilled spicy cheese sausage and grilled chicken sausage.

Ocean Feast ($113.90)

Want to try a slab of the signature Sticky Bones ribs, yet more of a seafood fan? Ocean Feast gives you a choice of a full slab of signature Sticky Bones (Hickory BBQ, Garlic BBQ, Smoked Peppercorn or Tuscan Baked Spicy) that comes with beer-battered fish fillets, tequila grilled prawns and grilled sausages.

Morgan’s Rib Sampler ($116.90)

Ribs fans will get this platter to try 3 Sticky Bones flavours at a go. Served with 3 half slabs of signature Sticky Bones (Hickory BBQ, Tuscan Baked Spicy, Smoked Peppercorn or Garlic BBQ) and grilled sausages.

Prep your tummies, for it’s not rest time yet after clearing those yummies. Every Sharing Platter comes with a serving of complimentary Chocolate Lava Cake ($14.90). Warm and moist molten chocolate lava cake dished out with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce on top. Don’t forget to finish every last bite, like your mom always tells you to.


Find Morganfield’s at:

1 Vista Exchange Green

The Star Vista, #02-23

Call to make reservations or enquiries: (65) 6694 3635


Operating Hours:

Sun – Thurs, PH: 11am – 11pm

Fri, Sat, PH Eve: 11am – midnight


Rating: 4/5

Price Rating: $$ – $$$


Korean cuisine – Hansang Korean Family Restaurant

Many a mother has swooned over pretty-boy heroes and immaculately groomed pop groups as the Hallyu (Korean wave) swept in over television dramas and the music charts, hitting Asia with a strong dose of K-fever.

Located on the third floor of Novena Square 2, experience a trip through “Little Korea”, with its prevalence of Korean shops such as eateries, fashion boutiques and a mart. The Hansang Korean Family Restaurant will satisfy your mom’s hunger with its array of authentic Korean food and side dishes.

With dramas like Feast of the Gods fueling the craving of kimchi and other Korean dishes, typical Korean fare such as japchae (sweet potato noodles), jeon (pancakes), ddeokbokki (spicy rice cake) and gyeongdan (rice cake stuffed with bean paste) are just a few dishes she’s bound to enjoy at the Hansang Korean Family Restaurant’s Charcoal Barbecue buffet.  Also let your mom pig out on charcoal barbecued meat, from pork belly, chicken leg, to bulgogi beef.

It’s easy to overindulge during a buffet, but if you’re willing to fork out a few bucks more, do remind mom to save some room for patbingsoo ($6). A shaved ice dessert sweetened with milk and filled with fresh strawberries, watermelons, kiwis and chewy jelly bits, 1 portion’s big enough for 3 people to share and is a must-try that will cool you after all that fiery grilled meats.


Find Hansang Korean Family Restaurant at:

10 Sinaran Drive

#03-33 Novena Square 2

Call to make reservations or enquiries: (65) 6397 6752


Operating Hours:

Mon – Fri: 11.30am – 3pm (Lunch)

                    5.30 pm – 10pm (Dinner)

Sat, Sun: 11.30am – 10pm


Promotion: All You Can Eat Buffet

Weekday (Mon – Thurs)

Weekend (Fri – Sun, PH and PH Eve)

(10% discount with Student pass for the whole week except PH and PH eve)


Rating: 3.4/5

Price Rating: $$ – $$$


The Hansang Korean Charcoal Barbecue buffet is only available at the Novena outlet, and not to be confused with its other branch Hansang Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant at Holland Village.


Price Rating System:

$ < $10

$$ < $10 – $20

$$$ < $21 – $40

$$$$ < $41 – $50

$$$$$ > $50