Selena Gomez makes maiden stop in Singapore

 She’s reborn in every moment so who knows what she’ll become?


Once better known as Justin Bieber’s girlfriend and Taylor Swift’s best pal, Selena Gomez has now struck it out on her own as a bona fide pop princess.


The former Disney teen star has shed her sweetie pie image for a sexier and raunchier one since she released her second album Revival last year. The album, which debuted at No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 chart, won rave reviews from many critics. The Rolling Stone, for example, called Revival “the sound of a newly empowered pop artist growing into her strengths like never before”.


Gomez will perform her first gig in Singapore at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Wednesday as part of her Revival Tour in Southeast Asia. The 23-year-old was slated to perform here in 2014, but she cancelled the show due to health reasons.


As we look forward to a high-energy gig this evening, let’s recap the social media powerhouse’s transformation in recent years. Watch this clip:



Update: Catch the highlights of Selena’s Revival tour concert in Singapore here:

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