Evolution Of Baju Kurung: Exploring Different Styles And Designs

Photo Essay

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About Iffah Nadhirah Osman

If Iffah gets stabbed, she almost expects chocolate to flow out instead of blood, so is she seriously addicted to the bittersweet confection (she munches and sips it 90% of the time she ingests anything) that a liquefied version is probably coursing through her veins. Often you’ll find Iffah fidgeting or bobbing her head subtly in public, and you can blame not the sugar rush but great RnB music? Not content to just listen, she’s constantly looking out for people to join her in her world of dance. Iffah owns the stage like its her own concert by busting out intricate hip hop moves to sexy street jazz. Outside of her circle, her default ferocious expression always gets her misjudged for being unapproachable. But once she smiles like a Cheshire cat, her dimples are quite disarming.