Healthy Eating: The New Cool?

Photo Essay

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About Angela Ouyang

Give Angela a cupcake with red peppers and she’ll whip up a meal out of them, throw her a holographic yellow blazer blotched with orange polka dots (fashion disaster!) and the next moment, you’ll see her on the streets trying to make it work. I guess you can say she’s is a free spirit, fiercely optimistic about exploring novel and unconventional ideas. Shout out to technology, because she can now draw fashion inspiration from her hours of free time burnt scrolling through the endless number of beauty accounts on Instagram and putting different outfits together. Beneath her reserved demeanor, Angela’s mind is a reckless adventurer who often takes her vicariously on road trips on the most anfractuous paths. Guide to befriend Angela 101: get your hands on the biggest 3-P’s in her life, namely Pasta, Pizza and Potato.