Mystic Messenger: Who’s Your Favorite Virtual Date?

More than 1,880 gamers of both genders from different countries took part in a vote for their “dream man” on The UrbanWire. Here’s their verdict.



He’s the genius hacker, the naughty prankster, the funny guy that makes everyone laugh.

Yet, he’s haunted by his troubled past. With little faith in love, he habitually pulls away from anyone who tries to get close to him.

This fictional character called 707 has the most heart-wrenching story out of the 5 virtual dates in Mystic Messenger, but he’s also the most popular of the young, attractive bunch in the hit mobile game by South Korean developer Cheritz.

Cosplayer Shu Ting in her 707 hairdo and get-up. Photo courtesy of the Mystic  Messenger Café team.

Cosplayer Shu Ting in her 707 hairdo and get-up. Photo courtesy of the Mystic
Messenger Café team.

In fact, more than 50 per cent of the 1,882 respondents rooted for him in an online survey conducted by The UrbanWire, with many professing that they are drawn to his dark past and vulnerable side.

Coming in at a distant second with 26 per cent of the votes is Jumin, the handsome heir to a business empire; followed by Zen, a dashing but extremely narcissistic actor.

Cosplayer Jesuke dressed up as Zen to entertain a guest. Photo by Gayle Lin Min

Cosplayer Jesuke dressed up as Zen to entertain a guest. Photo by Gayle Lin Min

Touted as the “sweet solutions for female gamers”, Mystic Messenger is an otome game (female-oriented game) which sets its player on a 11-day quest to win the heart of her chosen date.

The real-time chat-based game is very much modeled after real-life courtship scenarios. To achieve a “good ending”, players need to know how to flatter, comfort and be emotionally available for their dates. If they spread themselves too thin over a few dates, they’re likely to reach a “bad ending”.

Since its release in July, Mystic Messenger has achieved considerable success for its genre. According to Cheritz’s announcement in September, the dating simulation game has clocked close to 1 million downloads. By now, it’s likely to have captured many more players from the English and Korean-speaking world, judging from the huge number of reviews and discussions it has spawned online.

A cosplayer who came as Jumin posing with her blushing fan. Photo by Gayle Lin Min.

A cosplayer who came as Jumin posing with her blushing fan. Photo by Gayle Lin Min.

The game has also attracted a diehard following in Singapore. On Nov 12, more than 100 of them gathered at bakery café Champsserie at Westway Mall to share their love for the game. Many were also delighted to have a chance to pose with cosplayers who came dressed up as their favorite characters.

If you too are keen to play the game, here’s a quick guide on your 5 potential dates.

The 4 bachelors (plus Jaehee)

The 4 bachelors (plus Jaehee) Photo courtesy of: Cheritz, LLC


  1. 707


“I really love his voice. His history is very sad and touching, he deserves love and happiness!” – Julia, UrbanWire survey respondent

Profession: Hacker

Sideline: Prankster

He’s the playful guy who never fails to liven up the chatroom conversations. But his happy-go-lucky public persona belies his insecurity and vulnerability. You have to earn his trust to win a spot as his emotional confidante.


  1. Jumin Han


“The story of his growth is absolutely heartwarming, when he goes from an emotionless boss to a caring and adorable man who loves you more than his cat!” – Clarice, UrbanWire survey respondent

Profession: CEO

Sideline: Cat whisperer

Jumin is a 26-year-old with an old soul. He’s filthy rich but is interested in “commoner food”. He doesn’t like courting women, but he’s unstoppable when falling in love with one.


  1. ZEN


“I feel like he knows how to spice things up in the relationship. His chat/phone calls seem the most realistic.” – Letty, UrbanWire survey respondent

Profession: Actor

Sideline: Selfie-taker

Zen is handsome and he knows it. The musical actor can’t stop taking selfies, but he also works hard at perfecting his craft. He’s hopelessly flirtatious, but when he finds the right girl, he’ll turn caring and loyal.


  1. Yoosoung Kim


“He has an amazing character and I somehow relate better to him on becoming a better person.” – Karla, UrbanWire survey respondent

Profession: College student

Sideline: Gaming addict

The youngest of the lot is still in a school and hasn’t outgrown his gaming addiction. He’s often the victim of 707’s pranks, and never fails to be jealous of Jumin’s wealth and Zen’s looks.


  1. Jaehee Kang


“I feel the progression of getting close to her is much more realistic (than the rest). While I wish her route was more romantic, it doesn’t feel rushed and at the end I feel like I’ve really made a connection.” – Anonymous, UrbanWire survey respondent

Profession: Chief Secretary

Sideline: Fangirl of Zen

The only woman in the group, Jaehee is unlikely to develop a romantic interest in the players. Instead, she’ll busy herself as the chief secretary to Jumin and an ardent fan of Zen.


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