[CLOSED] WIN MapleSEA Pink Bean hamper!

Stand the chance to WIN MapleSEA’s limited edition Pink Bean hamper!


The hamper includes:

1x Big Pink Bean plushie

1x Pink Bean keychain

1x Pink Bean flask/tumbler

1x Pink Bean mug

1x Thumbdrive with MapleStory game client



In the comments below, tell us your favorite job to play in MapleStory and why.

Contest closes Dec 15.


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  • Gokudera-chan Cronino

    OMG ? thank you so much, I’ve replied on facebook (Replied as of 6:31pm, timezone +8GMT 12/17/16 *as a proof it’s me haha)

    Thanks again theUrbanWire ?

  • Theurbanwire

    Hi Gokudera! Congratulations for winning the Pink Bean hamper! Do
    send s a message on Facebook with your name and NRIC so that we can
    contact you on the details for picking up the hamper. (Do note that we
    will pass this on to another winner if yo have not messaged us by Dec
    18, Sunday). Thank you!

  • Robyn Lee

    my favourite job is the thief because it has awesome clothes and if you go pure luck you can get the highest ranged damage output in the game

  • Andy Neo

    Thief definitely as how often can I be a baddie in real life!!!

  • Evelyn Koh

    My current favourite job to play is Kinesis! Even though the damage on the enemies are low, Kinesis compensates with its fast attack with stunning visuals/ animations. It also doesn’t require MP, which means mesos are saved for HP potions! Kinesis is also more familiar to me because its job is still classified under magician :D

  • Yeo Dgr

    My favourite job is Thief. It is not the type of job you can work in the real-life..

  • BengHock Lim

    i can be whoever i wanna be , unlike life

  • Gokudera-chan Cronino

    My favourite job to play is definitely Mercedes. I remembered when the Mercedes’s update was up, I got all hyped as it was the first elf class to be released (it is still the only elf class though) alongside with demon slayer. Well I was a bowmaster spamming hurricane, which was the coolest thing to do UNTIL Mercedes came to Maplestory. That Ishtar’s Ring is completely sick and badass. As I am the type of player that loves dynamic gameplay, Mercedes’s flashy skills gives me the hype and exitement, as I need to press different keys to link my skills together. The mechanics, charge-kick-shoot-slash really have me loving it. And not forgetting Mercedes’s mount, duhh it’s a unicorn-pegasus kind of mythical beast. With these recent updates buffing the Mercedes, seriously her gameplay just got better. 5th job will give me that *shadow-partner-kind-of-feel* with the extra attacks, with that being said I guess the dual bowgun is like a ‘dagger that shoots stars’ huh(honestly it’s kind of hard to imagine, the infinite magic arrow as stars maybe… xD)? Besides, all other classes that shoots only use one weapon but this? It’s always more fun if you can *pew pew* around with two gun-like bows (I mean the name of the weapon itself… dual bowgun is already badass). Also, I could be a queen(I’m playing male character but nevermind…) right from the start, what more could I ask for?

  • Andrew Chia Hao Feng

    My favourite job in maple is Aran cos the skill are very cool and can cause huge damages to monster

  • Casy Ang

    My favorite job to play in MapleStory is the Phantom (The greatest thief who ever lived) armed with a Cane and throwing Cards, and is craftier than your average Thief. Phantom has the power to copy the skills of characters in the various Explorer classes (Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief, Pirate, etc.). Even better, Phantom has one of the highest mobility and evasion rates in the game. If that weren’t awesome enough, Phantom can also drive cars at level 50… because technology sure did advance since he went to sleep.

  • W.L.Chua

    Cleric, although I’m probably the most suicidal cleric ever but it’s lots of fun rounding and tanking tonnes of ghost-types and killing them at one shot.

  • Sally Tang

    magician as I am able to heal and restore people to good health!

  • Jason Sin

    My favorite job to play in MapleStory is the Flame Wizard where I can call on the Spirit of Fire to fight the battles with me.

  • JayJay Lin

    my favourite job in Maplestory is to be a thief because in that life I can actually seem cool!