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The boyish, chubby breakout star from Jack Neo’s Ah Boys To Men trilogy is all buffed up.


Thanks to a strict Muay Thai regimen and high-protein diet, Maxi Lim has shed 13kg in 3 months.

The 30-year-old is now busy drumming up excitement for his new film, Take 2, which will open on Jan 26.

The UrbanWire followed him over a weekend to find out how he finds a balance between his public and private life.


It was a whirlwind weekend for Singaporean actor Maxi Lim (in flower patterned jacket), who first found fame in Jack Neo’s 2012 military comedy Ah Boys To Men. To promote his new film Take 2, which stars him as Jian Ren, a convict- turned- teacher, he’s been actively making appearances at malls and getai events. On Jan 14, for example, he showed up at Eastpoint mall alongside producer Jack Neo (in black jacket) and director Ivan Ho (in blue T-shirt, far left).


While Maxi was waiting for his turn to perform on stage, he entertained fans’ requests for wefies and autographs.


He’s used to taking these requests. In fact, he’s seen “crazier” moments at the promotional tours for the top-grossing Ah Boys To Men films.

Some of those events could draw as many as 2,000 fans. At times, some fans might even block the actors’ tinted van from leaving the venue. Maxi and his co-stars had to be accompanied by bodyguards at those appearances.

But even though his safety was ensured, his privacy had been compromised before. In one episode, his personal mobile number was leaked, prompting many unwanted calls from fans and strangers.

“Privacy is definitely important but as an actor, you can just forget about it,” Maxi told The UrbanWire. “It can get suffocating at times. You are tired but people are still watching you.”

However, the self-professed introvert has learned to come to terms with this. “In the end, it’s about learning to share your personal space with people,” he said.

Maxi has since been learning how to seek that balance from Muay Thai, a type of Thai Mixed Martial Arts.



“Muay Thai is very therapeutic for me – it keeps me calm and helps me to think clearly and carefully before making my move,” he said.


He now trains thrice a week with fellow Ah Boys To Men actor, Joshua Tan. The duo train and spar with each other.

Practising the mixed martial art form has helped Maxi in many ways – de-stress, lose weight, and be more disciplined.


Although the training is tough, it has buffed him up both physically and mentally.

After 3 months of Muay Thai, daily workouts and a strict diet of hard boiled eggs and chicken breast meat, Maxi is now stronger, fitter and 13kg lighter.

More importantly, Muay Thai has given him the space to reflect and be himself.

“I’m in a big room filled with people but when I’m fighting, I’m in my personal bubble and that is when I am most comfortable,” he said.


Maxi added that Muay Thai has also taught him to stay focused. He’s since applied that in his showbiz career.

“When I’m onstage and in my zone, I block off unnecessary distraction.”

“I just focus on being the best entertainer I can be.”