The UrbanWire finds out why teens are paying more to taste the rainbow.

If you are into Instagramming your meals before savoring them, chances are you want your food to not only be pleasing to the palate, but also a feast for the eyes.

And the business-savvy have heard you. From rainbow cakes to galaxy drinks, they’ve lined up a lost list of flashy, funky and Instagram-worthy options to court your affection. At the recent Geylang Bazaar, for example, colorful snacks and drinks were selling like hot cakes. They also generated plenty of social media buzz with more than 500 uploads on Instagram alone.

According to Dr Julia Diederen, a lecturer at Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands, colors make food visually appetizing and in turn invites consumption.

But do your meals really taste better when they’re dressed up in colorings? How much more would you pay for colorful food compared to their duller counterparts?

The UrbanWire put 4 young Singaporeans through a blind taste test. Watch their verdict here.