Marina Bay Carnival Rides

The Mach 5 stands at 55m tall, making it the tallest ride at the Marina Bay Carnival. Photo by Emerick Mitchell Donovan

My heart pulsated with fear as I heard the click of the seat belt that would secure me to the seat for the next few minutes on the Mach 5. As the ride took off, it forced shrieks of excitement out of me and the other riders. As I was being spun around, I could feel my cheeks flapping and my stomach swirling from the speed of the ride before it finally slows down, stopping at its peak for a few seconds to give us a spectacular view of Marina Bay.

Originated from the United Kingdom, Mach 5 is the tallest ride at the Marina Bay Carnival, standing at 55m tall, or about 16 storeys high. On top of that, the ride spins both clockwise and counter-clockwise mid-air at an intense speed of up to 130km/hr.

The ride costs $14 per person and is open to anyone that’s brave enough to ride it, as long as they’re above 1.4 m tall.

Mohammad Irfaan, an 18-year-old student who was at the carnival with 7 other people, had the perfect experience. He said: “The thrill of this ride can easily beat most of the rollercoasters that I’ve tried – the massive drop was really awesome and the spinning of the ride was quite an experience.” He also mentioned that the carnival turned out to be a fun outing for him and his friends.

Apart from the Mach 5, the Marina Bay Carnival is also home to over 40 different rides and games that came from various European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. The carnival is Singapore’s largest ever, covering the length of approximately 3 1/2 football fields.

Mr Stanley Ong, 27, brought his 2 siblings to the carnival and said: “It surprised me because I didn’t expect it to be this fun, even at my age.”

“This is a good chance to have some quality time with your loved ones in a simple way.”

Since its opening on Dec 15, 2017, the carnival has been successful, receiving over 250,000 visitors in its first week.

Mr Barnabas Chia, the leader of the organizing team behind the carnival, said: “We want to hark back to the good old times where the entire family would have an amazing day at an amusement park, but maintaining a low-price point for the enjoyment of all. This is an opportunity to present a never-before carnival in the heart of Singapore’s city center to celebrate with our community.”

The Marina Bay Carnival opens daily from 4pm to 11pm. Admission is free while the rides and games prices vary from $4 to $14. Credits can be bought on-site or through their website. The carnival will end on Apr 1.

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Repurposed by Muhammad Azri