How do you think you have been coping during the circuit breaker?

Have you been measuring yourself against others more than usual on social media, comparing your days to others’ seemingly productive and perfect ones? Or did you find yourself having to work harder and longer, now that we have to adjust and live most of our lives at home?

It’s easy to feel restless and unproductive, especially when our classrooms or workplaces have merged together with our homes. A place meant to be a sanctuary free of stress has become a source of it. However, life as we know it for the past three months is about to change again. 

As Singapore enters Phase 2 of the country’s reopening, we have four Singaporeans – from the very young, to the not-so young, reflecting on what they’ve learnt and what they’ve come to appreciate as they hole up at home.

Watch our video below!

Edited by: Christel Yan, Hannah Fletcher, Coen Sim
Proofread by: Coen Sim