Mr Kamal Dollah founded Kamal Arts Ltd in 2008 and has been conducting art workshops which offer a variety of programmes ranging from batik painting, watercolour, airbrush and caricature. 

Batik is a wax-resist painting technique that has its roots in Java, Indonesia. Mr Kamal’s love for this art form began out of pure curiosity. It started off as a pursuit to understand his background and culture better.

“Batik was not offered in school (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) and that was what drove me to question, ‘what is batik?’. Maybe this is a medium that is related to my culture.”

With Kamal Arts Ltd, Mr Kamal is able to share his love for batik through the innovation of Community Batik. As the name suggests, a huge group of people will paint on a long, continuous canvas which can measure up to 550 metres in length.

The term Community Batik was coined by Playeum, an arts charity which commissioned this activity back in 2009 for a global drawing campaign, ‘The Big Draw’ originating from the UK.

Since then, this communal art activity has engaged the public about the traditional art of batik for many years. Some prominent members of parliament namely, Mr Maliki Osman, Mr Heng Swee Keat and Ms Amy Khor have taken part in the activity.

Find out how Mr Kamal broke Singapore’s record for the longest continuous batik painting at Wisma Geylang Serai’s First Year anniversary in January 2020 which involved around 10,000 participants including grassroot leaders, residents and businesses.