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Founded in 2002, The UrbanWire is a youth-centric e-zine produced by young adults for young adults.

Our multimedia editorial team is made up of students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film & Media Studies.

We work to keep our community of readers current and connected. From buzzworthy events and personalities to the latest trends and fads to issues concerning higher education, employment and relationships, we cover stories that are engaging and exciting to our readers.

The UrbanWire is also part of m:idea, a youth-led media agency that provides a range of services from copywriting, scripting, social media marketing, event hosting, photography, videography, print/digital designs and others. You can engage us for our services or advertise with us.

Editorial Team

Founding Editor-in-Chief: Robin Yee

Lecturer/Supervisor: Cheong Poh Kwan

Editors: Eunice Tan, Christel Yan

Sub-Editors: Coen Sim, Hannah Fletcher

Web Managers: Dexter Lok, Nur Sarah Sudiran

Contest Managers: Chelsea Mei Smith, Celine Teoh

Chief Designer: Syafiqah Insyirah

Analytics Managers: Dexter Lok, Joey Leong

Newsletter Designer: Nur Sarah Sudiran, Coen Sim, Chelsea Mei Smith

Facebook Managers: Chelsea Mei Smith, Joey Leong

Instagram Managers: Hannah Fletcher, Christel Yan

Twitter Managers: Syafiqah Insyirah, Celine Teoh

Tik Tok Manager: Syafiqah Insyirah

YouTube Managers: Syafiqah Insyirah, Celine Teoh


UW 2.0

In 2008, The UrbanWire(UW) underwent its first major revamp since going live in 2002.

Together with web developer Jasper Chen, co-editor Cheak Hong Ian and Lee Xian Jie, UW editor Boo Jian Wen Jeremy redesigned the magazine to meet the demands of the tech-savvy generation.

Web 2.0 technology is integrated into the editorial system. Readers are encouraged to participate in the editorial process by telling us what stories they want to read and/or contributing images and videos of their own.

UW 2.0 was launched on Aug 1, 2008.

UW 3.0

In 2010, UW editor Ang Cheng Wei led another revamp to streamline the site. He also helped build social media presence for UW.

UW 3.0 was launched on Dec 22, 2010.

UW 4.0

In 2017, UW editor Lim Yuan Xiu coordinated a revamp effort to give the site a cleaner, sleeker look with responsive design. She also helped grow the multimedia and interactive elements on the site to better engage its readers.

UW 4.0 was launched on 11 Jul, 2017.