Chin Zei Kei

Armed with her signature round glasses and avant garde style developed throughout her teenage years, Zei Kei has an undying love for fashion. A hopeless shopperholic, therapy comes in the form of boxes of shoes and bags of colorful eccentric frocks. Fashion is her religion and magazines are her holy bible. The newly appointed fashion editor of dreams to one day sit beside veteran American Vogue Editor-in-Chief <a href="">Anna Wintour</a> or be a muse to a legendary fashion designer like <a href="">Rei Kawakubo</a>. Her hobbies include collecting socks, messing up the kitchen with baking experiments, and being a walking jukebox and dance machine. She loves dogs, cats and unicorns, and hopes to provide stray animals a safe haven when she retires at aged 50.

Articles By Chin Zei Kei