Justine Koh

Justine is shopping for good looks, a perfect body (without doing any exercise), an outgoing personality, friends and a life. And preferably for a steal, too, because she's constantly broke. If only she could make a living from her prodigious memory of Hollywood movies and their actors. Pick any mainstream flick filmed in the last 30 years, and she'd probably be able to name 3 cast members and their roles in other movies. Besides being particularly good at remembering names and faces, she also finds other peoples’ lives a whole lot more interesting than her own, qualities of either a good historian or journalist. She performed the latter role in SHAPE magazine for half a year as an intern. Some highlights include interviewing MediaCorp artiste, Rebecca Lim, as well as working on a breast cancer feature, which gave her the opportunity to meet a cancer survivor and the other heroes involved in the battle against the disease. And when she’s not busy reporting from the front line, she spends her time keeping up with half a dozen different TV shows and saving enough money to fly to Korea to marry her (imaginary) famous boyfriend.

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