Nicholas Neo

Fresh from a 6-month stint at The New Paper Sports desk, Nicholas has been deep fried in the world of bylines and offstones. A huge fan of sports, he posesses an unwavering passion for the beautiful game in particular, and has been an Arsenal fan circa 2007. He’s also an avid supporter of the local football scene - both the S-League and the LionsXII – because, well, they're actually pretty decent. When he's not cursing at footballers for diving on the television, Nick has a liking for most things online: Memes, viral videos and youtube comedians. He also follows a "rojak" diet (a local salad dish) of TV shows, from the horror series The Walking Dead, to the sitcom How I met your Mother, and dramas like The Newsroom. As he embarks on his journey, he hopes to give his unique take on the local pop culture and sports scene.

Articles By Nicholas Neo