Imagination has been my life for the past 19 years. I live in my own fantastical realm where everything goes according to what I imagine it to be, or so I wish. My dope for escape includes a daily dosage of any sort of Japanese drama, music, manga and anime. Add in other remedies such as the iPod, magazines and TV, my life will appear to be a sanctum for anyone who is overly exposed to the media. This capricious person has goals in her eccentric life too, just that there are too many on that checklist: I aim to watch as many Japanese dramas and movies I can; I aim to read up on Arthur Rimbaud and his works; I aim to become a novelist; I aim to mark my presence around the world; I aim to come up with endings for all the stories I’ve started; I aim to introduce more goals to my life. =)

Articles By Nisha