Parveen Maghera

An avid non-fiction reader, Parveen loves digging deep into stories of unique individuals, be they from Europe or the Middle East. She adores the courage and determination of women with exceptional personalities who go beyond their boundaries to fight for what they truly deserve. If she's able to grasp the chance, she hopes to meet 16-year-old Pakistani activist <a href="">Malala Yousafzai</a>, who survived a Taliban attempt on her life, and Afghan politician and woman rights activist <a href="">Fawzia Koofi</a>. Having been brought up in a semi-traditional Punjabi family, Parveen finds herself grooving to Bollywood and Bhangra beats very often, satisfying her lesser-known love for dance. She has her family to thank for her constant craving for tea and she aims to make the perfect 'Masala Chai' one day.

Articles By Parveen Maghera