Theodore Woon

Fervent in his collection of words, Theodore is a fuss-free individual who is perturbed by the fact that orange is the new black. Having written for <a href="">MillionaireAsia</a> during an internship, he learnt that hard work pays off ultimately and he needs a <a href="">Vacheron Constantin</a> in his life. Where colors don't excite him, fashion does, leading him to have contributed to various dewy online magazines such as the <a href="">inaugural issue</a> of <a href="">Blueprint</a> Digital, the <a href="">editorial section</a> at <a href="">Poshism</a>, as well as <a href="">M.O.D.A.</a> in his unoccupied hours. He prefers to squander daylight brooding over moody texts (<a href="">Sylvia Plath</a> is his choice of life coach) and live (not quite) dangerously at night wandering the streets at midnight for sustenance. Aural pleasure comes in the form of whimsical sounds by the likes of <a href="">The xx</a>, <a href="">Of Monsters and Men</a>, <a href="">Best Coast</a> (the list goes on to read like a directory of acts at <a href="">Glastonbury Festival</a>) and is reflective of both his blood work and his unyielding life goal to be <a href="">James Dean</a>.

Articles By Theodore Woon